Cartoon Resource entry #147 - Birdman and the Galaxy Trio (1967)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sept 9, 1967-Sept 6, 1969 on NBC
RERUNS: 1992-2000 on Cartoon Network, Aug 12, 2000-2008 on Boomerang
ANIMATION: Hanna-Barbera

Birdman: X the Eliminator
The Galaxy Trio: Revolt of the Robots
Birdman: Morto the Marauder

Birdman: The Ruthless Ringmaster
The Galaxy Trio: The Battle of the Aquatrons
Birdman: Birdman Vs. the Mummer

Birdman: The Quake Threat
The Galaxy Trio: Galaxy Trio Vs. the Moltens of Meteorus
Birdman: Avenger For Ransom

Birdman: Birdman Vs. Cumulus the Storm King
The Galaxy Trio: Galaxy Trio and the Sleeping Planet
Birdman: Serpents of the Deep

Birdman: Nitron the Human Bomb
The Galaxy Trio: Galaxy Trio and the Peril of the Prison Planet
Birdman: Mintok, the Mind Taker

Birdman: The Purple Moss
The Galaxy Trio: Drackmore, the Despot
Birdman: The Deadly Trio

Birdman: The Brain Thief
The Galaxy Trio: Titan, the Titanium Man
Birdman: Birdman Vs. the Constructor

Birdman: Number One
The Galaxy Trio: The Duplitrons
Birdman: Birdman Meets Birdgirl

Birdman: Birdman Meets Reducto
The Galaxy Trio: Computron Lives
Birdman: Vulturo, Prince of Darkness

Birdman: The Chameleon
The Galaxy Trio: The Eye of Time
Birdman: The Incredible Magnatroid

Birdman: Hannibal the Hunter
The Galaxy Trio: Galaxy Trio and the Cave Men of Primevia
Birdman: The Empress of Evil

Birdman: The Wings of Fear
The Galaxy Trio: The Demon Raiders
Birdman: Birdman Meets Birdboy

Birdman: The Menace of Dr. Millenium
The Galaxy Trio: The Rock Men
Birdman: Birdman Vs. Dr. Freezoids

Birdman: The Deadly Duplicator
The Galaxy Trio: Space Fugitives
Birdman: Professor Nightshade

Birdman: Train Trek
The Galaxy Trio: Space Slaves
Birdman: Birdman Meets Moray of the Deep

Birdman: Birdman and the Monster of the Mountains
The Galaxy Trio: Galaxy Trio Vs. Growliath
Birdman: The Return of Vulturo

Birdman: Revenge of Dr. Millenium
The Galaxy Trio: Return To Aqueous
Birdman: The Ant Ape

Birdman: Birdman Vs. the Speed Demon
The Galaxy Trio: Invasion of the Sporoids
Birdman: The Wild Weird West

Birdman: The Pirate Plot
The Galaxy Trio: Gralik of Gravitas
Birdman: Skon of Space

Birdman: Murro the Maurauder
The Galaxy Trio: Plateaus the Pirate Planet
Birdman: Morto Rides Again

Keith Andes (1920-2005) as Birdman
Dick Beals (1927-2012) as Birdboy
Ted Cassidy (1932-1979) as Meteor Man
Virginia Eller (1924-2004) as Gravity Girl
Don Messick (1926-1997) as Falcon-7 and Vapor Man
Vic Perrin (1916-1989) as Ruthless Ringmaster and Vulturo
Mike Road (1918-2013) as Moray

John Stephenson (1923-2015) as X the Eliminator and Reducto

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