Cartoon Resource entry #010 - Sailor Moon (1992)


ORIGINAL JAPAN AIRDATES Mar 7, 1992-Feb 8, 1997
(episodes #1-72 some skipped) Sep 11, 1995-1996 in US syndication,
Aug 28, 1995-1998 on YTV Canada.
(episodes #73-89 some skipped) Sep 20, 1997-Nov 21, 1997 on YTV Canada and
Nov 30, 1998-Dec 22, 1998 on Cartoon Network.
(episodes #90-166) Jun 12, 2000-Aug 1, 2000 and
Sep 26, 2000-Nov 16, 2000 on Cartoon Network.
RERUNS: Jun 9, 1997-Apr 1998 on USA Network (reruns of #1-72).
Summer 1998 in US syndication (reruns of #73-89 for US).
Jun 1, 1998-May 3, 2001, Jun 3-Jul 5, 2002 on Cartoon Network
EPISODES: 200 in Japan and Viz Media English dub
(only 159 in original English dub)
ANIMATION BY: Toei Animation
ENGLISH DUB PRODUCED BY: US episodes #1-89 by DiC and #90-166 by Cloverway, 2014 English Dub by Viz Media
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Toei Animation

Serena is a young goofy teenage girl who happens to be the reincarnation of the ancient moon princess from the Moon Kingdom.  She has the power to transform into Sailor Moon and defend Earth from evil energy-depriving creatures.  With the help of her talking cats Luna and Artemis, the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon fights wrongs and triumphs over evil.

The first episode listed is the Japanese episode title with Japan airdate as well as the Viz Media 2nd English dub episode title.  The second episode is the original 1995-2000 DiC/Cloverway English dubbed episode and US airdate.  The series was re-dubbed with all episodes uncut and complete with a new English cast by Viz Media in 2014-2017.

1st Season
(Mar 7, 1992-Feb 27, 1993 in Japan)
(1995-1996 in US and Canada)
Queen Beryl and the Negaforce

#001 The Crybaby: Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation (03.07.1992)
         A Moon Star Is Born (09.11.1995)

#002 Punishment Awaits: The House of Fortune Is the Monster Mansion
         Episode Not Released Under Original DiC English Dub

#003 The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls In Love
         Talk Radio (09.12.1995)

#004 Learn How To Be Skinny From Usagi (03.28.1992)
         Slim City (09.13.1995)

#005 Scent of a Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love (04.11.1992)
          Episode Not Released Under Original DiC English Dub

#006 Protect the Melody of Love: Usagi Plays Cupid (04.18.1992)
         Episode Not Released Under Original DiC English Dub

#007 Usage Learns Her Lesson: Becoming a Star Is Hard Work
         So You Want to be a Superstar (09.14.1995)

#008 The Girl Genius Is a Monster: The Brainwashing Cram School of
         Horror (05.02.1992)
         Computer School Blues (09.15.1995)

#009 Usagi’s Disaster: Beware of the Clock of Confusion (05.09.1992)
         Time Bomb (09.18.1995)

#010 The Cursed Bus: Enter Mars, the Guardian of Fire (05.16.1992)
         An Uncharmed Life (09.19.1995)

#011 Usagi Vs. Rei: Nightmare In Dream Land (05.23.1992)
         Nightmare In Dreamland (09.20.1995)

#012 I Want a Boyfriend: The Luxury Cruise Ship Is a Trap (05.30.1992)
         Cruise Blues (09.21.1995)

#013 Girls Unite: The End of Jadeite (06.06.1992)
         Fight To the Finish (09.22.1995)

#014 A New Enemy Appears: Nephrite’s Evil Crest (06.13.1992)
         Match Point For Sailor Moon (09.25.1995)

#015 Usagi’s Panic: Rei’s First Date (06.20.1992)
         An Unnatural Phenomena (09.26.1995)

#016 A Girl’s Dream: Usage Becomes a Bride (06.27.1992)
         Wedding Day Blues (09.27.1995)

#017 Usagi’s a Model: The Flash of the Monster Camera (07.04.1992)
          Shutter Bugged (09.28.1995)

#018 Shingo’s Love: The Grieving Doll (07.11.1992)
         Dangerous Dollies (09.29.1995)

#019 Usagi’s Joy: A Love Letter From Tuxedo Mask (07.25.1992)
          Who Is that Masked Man? (10.02.1995)

#020 The Summer, the Beach, Youth and Ghosts (08.01.1992)
         Episode Not Released Under Original DiC English Dub

#021 Protect the Children’s Dreams: Friendship Through Anime
         An Animated Mess (10.03.1995)

#022 Romance Under the Moon: Usagi’s First Kiss (08.15.1992)
         Worth a Princess's Ransom (10.04.1995)

#023 Wish Upon a Star: Naru’s First Love (08.22.1992)
         Molly's Folly (10.05.1995)

#024 Naru’s Tears: Nephrite Dies For Live (08.29.1992)
         A Friend in Wolf's Clothing (10.06.1995)

#025 Jupiter, the Powerful Girl In Love (09.05.1992)
         Jupiter Comes Thundering In (10.09.1995)

#026 Restore Naru’s Smile: Usagi’s Friendship (09.12.1992)
         The Power of Friendship (10.10.1995)

#027 Crushing On Ami: The Boy Who Can See the Future (10.10.1992)
         Mercury's Mental Attack (10.11.1995)

#028 The Painting of Love: Usage and Mamoru Get Closer (10.17.1992)
         An Artful Attack (10.12.1995)

#029 Total Chaos: The Messy Love Triangle (10.24.1992)
         Too Many Girlfriends (10.13.1995)

#030 Grandpa Loses Control: Rei In Danger (10.31.1992)
         Grandpa's Follies (10.16.1995)

#031 Love and Chased: Luna’s Worst Day Ever (11.07.1992)
         Kitty Chaos (10.17.1995)

#032 Umino’s Resolve: I’ll Protect Naru (11.14.1992)
         Tuxedo Melvin (10.18.1995)

#033 Enter Venus, the Last Sailor Guardian (11.21.1992)
         Sailor V Makes the Scene (10.19.1995)

#034 The Shining Silver Crystal: The Moon Princess Appears (11.28.1992)
         A Crystal Clear Destiny (10.20.1995)

#035 Returning Memories: Usagi and Mamoru’s Past (12.05.1992)
         A Reluctant Princess (10.23.1995)

#036 Usagi’s Confusion: Is Tuxedo Mask Evil? (12.12.1992)
         Bad Hair Day (10.24.1995)

#037 Let’s Become a Princess: Usagi’s Bizarre Traning (12.19.1992)
         Little Miss Manners (10.25.1995)

#038 The Snow, the Mountains, Friendship and Monsters (12.26.1992)
         Ski Bunny Blues (10.26.1995)

#039 Paired With a Monster: Mako, the Ice Skating Queen (01.09.1993)
         Ice Princess (10.27.1995)

#040 The Legendary Lake Yokai: The Bond of Usagi’s Family (01.16.1993)
         Last Resort (10.30.1995)

#041 I Won’t Run Away From Love Anymore: Ami Vs. Mamoru (01.23.1993)
         Tuxedo Unmasked" (10.31.1995)

#042 Sailor Venus’ Past: Minako’s Tragic Love (01.30.1992)
         Episode Not Released Under Original DiC English Dub

#043 Usage Abandoned: The Falling-Out of the Sailor Guardians
         Fractious Friends (11.01.1995)

#044 Usagi’s Awakening: A Message From the Distant Past (02.13.1993)
         The Past Returns (11.02.1995)

#045 Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle (02.20.1993)

#046 Usagi’s Eternal Wish: A Brand New Life (02.27.1993)
         Day of Destiny (11.03.1995)
         DiC combined parts of #45-46 into a 30 minute episode

2nd Season
(Mar 6, 1993-Mar 12, 1994 in Japan)
(1995-1996, 1997, 1998 in US and Canada)
The Doom Tree Saga

#047 Moon Returns: The Mysterious Aliens Appear (03.06.1993)
         The Return of Sailor Moon (11.22.1995)

#048 For Love and For Justice: Sailor Guardians Once Again (03.13.1993)
         So You Want to be in Pictures (11.23.1995)

#049 For Whom Is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears
         A Knight To Remember (11.24.1995)

#050 Usagi’s Crisis: The Tiara Stops Working (04.10.1993)
         VR Madness (11.27.1995)

#051 A New Transformation: Usagi’s Power-Up (04.17.1993)
         Cherry Blossom Time (11.28.1995)

#052 The Targeted Kindergarteners: Venus To the Rescue (04.24.1993)
         Kindergarten Chaos (11.29.1995)

#053 Mamoru and Usagi’s Babysitting Mayhem (05.01.1993)
         Much Ado About Babysitting (11.30.1995)

#054 The School Festival Is for Me?! Queen Rei’s Song (05.08.19930
         Raye's Day In the Spotlight (12.01.1995)

#055 Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako On Fire (05.22.1993)
         Food Fetish (12.04.1995)

#056 Steal a Kiss From Mamoru! An’s Project Snow White (05.29.1993)
         Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (12.05.1995)

#057 After School Trouble: Usagi Is a Target (06.05.1993)
          Detention Doldrums (12.06.1995)

#058 Disconnecting Love: The Raging Makai Tree (06.12.1993)
         Secret Garden (12.07.1995)

#059 True Love Awakens: The Makai Tree’s Secret (06.19.1993)
         Treed (12.08.1995)

The Negamoon Family (Part 1)

#060 Angel Or Devil? The Mysterious Girl From the Sky (06.26.1993)
         Serena Times Two (11.06.1995)

#061 Usage Devastated: Mamoru Declares a Break-Up (07.03.1993)
         The Cosmetic Caper (11.07.1995)

#062 A Guardian’s Friendship: Goodbye, Ami (07.10.1993)
         Sailor Mercury Moving On? (11.08.1995)

#063 Women Must Be Strong and Beautiful: Rei’s New Special Technique
         Gramps In a Pickle  (11.09.1995)

#064 In Search of the Silver Crystal: Chibi-Usa’s Secret (07.31.1993)
         Trouble Comes Thundering Down (11.10.1995)

#065 Dispute Over Love: Minako and Makoto’s Conflict (08.14.1993)
         A Charmed Life (11.13.1995)

#066 Usagi’s Parental Love: The Curry Romance Triangle (08.21.1993)
         A Curried Favor (11.14.1995)

#067 The Beach, the Island and a Vacation: The Guardian’s Break
         Episode Not Released under original DiC English dub

#068 Protect Chibi-Usa: Clash of the Ten Warriors (09.11.1993)
         Naughty 'N' Nice (11.15.1995)

#069 Awaken the Sleeping Beauty: Mamoru’s Distress (09.25.1993)
         Prediction of Doom" (11.16.1995)

#070 Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars Vs. Koan (10.02.1993)
         Enemies No More (11.17.1995)

#071 For Friendship! Ami Vs. Berthier (10.16.1993)
         Checkmate (11.20.1995)

#072 Rubeus the Heartless: The Tragic Sisters (10.30.1993)
         Sibling Rivalry (11.21.1995)

The Negamoon Family (Part 2)

The English dubbed episodes premiered in Canada on YTV in 1997 and on Cartoon Network/US Syndication in 1998. The dates below are the Cartoon Network airdates.

#073 A UFO Appears: The Sailor Guardians Abducted (11.06.1993)
         Rubeus Evens the Score (11.30.1998)

#074 Defeat Rubeus: The Battle In Space (11.13.1993)
         Rubeus Strikes Out (12.01.1998)

#075 The Mysterious New Guardian: Sailor Pluto Appears (11.20.1993)
         The Secret of the Luna Sphere (12.02.1998)

#076 Magic of Darkness: Esmeraude’s Invasion (12.04.1993)
         Emerald Takes Over (12.03.1998)

#077 Shared Feelings: Usage and Mamoru In Love Once Again
         Promises Fulfilled (12.04.1998)

#078 Venus: Minako’s Nurse Mayhem (12.18.1993)
         No Thanks, Nurse Venus (12.07.1998)

#079 Artemis’ Adventure: The Monster Animal Kingdom (12.25.1993)
         Dog Day For Artemis (12.08.1998)

#080 The Terrifying Illusion: Ami All Alone (01.08.1994)
         Smart Payoff (12.09.1998)

#081 The Dark Gate Is Completed? The Targeted Elementary School
         Child's Play (12.10.1998)

#082 Journey To the Future: Battle In the Space-Time Corridor (01.22.1994)
         Future Shocked (12.11.1998)

#083 The Shocking Future: Demande’s Dark Ambition (01.29.1994)
         Legend of the Negamoon (12.14.1998)

#084 Wiseman’s Evil Hand: Chibiusa Disappears (02.05.1994)
          Jealously's Just Reward (12.15.1998)

#085 The Dark Queen: Birth of Black Lady (02.12.1994)
         Birth of Wicked Lady (12.16.1998)

#086 Saphir Dies: Wiseman’s Trap (02.19.1994)
         Brotherly Love (12.17.1998)

#087 Believing In Love and the Future: Usagi’s Decision (02.26.1994)
         Diamond In the Rough (12.18.1998)

#088 The Final Battle Between Light and Dark: Pledge of Love to the
         Future (03.05.1994)
         Final Battle (12.21.1998)

#089 Usage and the Girls’ Resolve: Prelude To a New Battle (03.12.1994)
         Follow the Leader (12.22.1998)

3rd Season
(Mar 19, 1994-Feb 25, 1995 in Japan)
(Jun 12, 2000-Aug 1, 2000 in US)
Dr. Tomoe and the Heart Snatchers

#090 Premonition of the Apocalypse: The Mysterious New Guardians
         Appear (03.19.1994)
         Star Struck, Bad Luck (06.12.2000)

#091 The Rod of Love Is Born: Usagi’s New Transformation (03.26.1994)
         Crystal Clear Again (06.13.2000)

#092 A Handsome Boy? Haruka Tenoh’s Secret (04.16.1994)
         Driving Dangerously (06.14.2000)

#093 Usagi’s Idol: The Graceful Genius Michiru (04.23.1994)
         Bad Harmony (06.15.2000)

#094 Protect the Pure Heart: The Three-Way Battle (04.30.1994)
         Swept Off Her Feet (06.16.2000)

#095 Let Moon Help With Your Love Problems (05.07.1994)
         Blinded By Love's Light (06.19.2000)

#096 Coldhearted Uranus: Makoto In Danger (05.14.1994)
          Lita Borrows Trouble (06.20.2000)

#097 The Labyrinth of Water: Ami Targeted (05.21.1994)
         Damp Spirits (06.21.2000)

#098 To Save Our Friends: Moon and Uranus Join Forces (05.28.1994)
         Friendly Foes (06.22.2000)

#099 A Man’s Kindness: Yuichiro Heartbroken By Rei (06.18.1994)
         Mixed Emotions (06.23.2000)

#100 I Want To Quit Being a Sailor Guardian: Minako’s Dilemma
         Individual Happiness (06.26.2000)

#101 Usagi In Tears: A Glass Slipper For My Birthday (07.02.1994)
         Birthday Blues Part 1 (06.27.2000)

#102 The Stolen Pure Heart: Usagi’s Crisis (07.16.1994)
         Birthday Blues Part 2 (06.28.2000)

#103 The Arrival of a Tiny Pretty Guardian (08.06.1994)
         Hello, Sailor Mini Moon (06.29.2000)

#104 Making New Friends: Chibi Moon’s Adventure (08.20.1994)
         Tainted Tea Party (06.30.2000)

#105 I Want Power: Mako Lost In Doubt (08.27.1994)
         People Who Need People (07.03.2000)

#106 The Bond of Destiny: Uranus’s Distant Past (09.03.1994)
         Related By Destiny (07.04.2000)

#107 Art Is an Explosion of Love: Chibiusa’s First Love (09.10.1994)
         Art Appreciation (07.05.2000)

#108 Usagi Dancing To the Waltz (09.17.1994)
         Everything's Coming Up Rosey (07.06.2000)

#109 The Shocking Moment: Everyone’s Identities Revealed (09.24.1994)
         No Turning Back (07.07.2000)

#110 The Death of Uranus and Neptune: The Talisman Appear (10.15.1994)
         Destiny's Arrival (07.10.2000)

#111 The Holy Grail’s Mystical Power: Moon’s Double (10.22.1994)
         The Purity Chalice (07.11.2000)

#112 Who Is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness (11.05.1994)
         Show Stoppers (07.12.2000)

#113 A House Filled With Evil Presence: The Beautiful Hotaru’s Secret
         Rini's Risky Friendship (07.13.2000)

#114 I Love Idols: Mimete’s Dilemma (11.19.1994)
         Mimet's Mess (07.14.2000)

#115 Shadow of Silence: The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly (11.26.1994)
         The Shadow of Silence (07.17.2000)

#116 Sunny Skies After a Storm: A Friendship Dedicated To Hotaru
         Thorny Weather (07.18.2000)

#117 Higher and Stronger: A Cheer From Usagi (12.10.1994)
         Heightened Hazard (07.19.2000)

#118 The Battle Inside the Demonic Space: The Sailor Guardians’ Gamble
         It's In the Cards (07.20.2000)

#119 The Messiah of Silence Awakens? Stars of Destiny (12.24.1994)
         Goodness Eclipsed (09.13.2000)
         NOTE: episode skipped in intial airing due to content, and an edited
         version aired in the second run of episodes

#120 An Invasion From an Another Dimension: Mystery of Infinity
         Academy (01.07.1995)
         Next In Line (07.21.2000)

#121 A Bewitching Flower That Steals Hearts: Tell, the Third Witch
         Fiendish Ferns (07.24.2000)

#122 Believe In Love: Ami, the Kindhearted Guardian (01.21.1995)
         The Science of Love (07.25.2000)

#123 Shadows of Destruction: the Messiah of Silence Awakens
         Wake Up Call (07.26.2000)

#124 The Coming Terror of Darkness: Struggle of the Eight Guardians
         Who's Really Who? (07.27.2000)

#125 The Shining Shooting Star: Saturn and the Messiah (02.11.1995)
         Darkness, My Old Friend (07.28.2000)

#126 A New Life: Parting of the Stars of Destiny (02.18.1995)
         Second Chance (07.31.2000)

#127 A Guardian’s Realization: Strength Lies Within a Pure Heart
         Tough Kindness (08.01.2000)

4th Season
(Mar 4, 1995-Mar 2, 1996 in Japan)
(Sep 26, 2000-Nov 16, 2000 in US)
Dead Moon Circus

#128 Meeting of Destiny: The Night of Pegasus Dances (03.04.1995)
         Dreams Take Flight (09.26.2000)

#129 Super Transformation Once Again: Pegasus’s Power (03.11.1995)
         No Ordinary Horsepower (09.27.2000)

#130 Protect Mom’s Dream: Double Moon’s New Attack (03.18.1995)
         Sweet Dreams (09.28.2000)

#131 Catch Pegasus: The Amazon’s Trap (03.25.1995)
         Baiting the Trap (09.29.2000)

#132 The Perfect Couple: Usagi and Mamoru’s Love (04.15.1995)
         Perfect Couple (10.02.2000)

#133 Artemis Is Cheating? Enter the Mysterious Kitten (04.29.1995)
         Much Ado About Kitten (10.03.2000)

#134 Makoto’s Friendship: A Girl Who Admired Pegasus (05.13.1995)
         A Pegasus Pager Turner (10.04.2000)

#135 Connecting Hearts: Chibiusa and Pegasus (05.20.1995)
         A Teacher's Lesson (10.05.2000)

#136 Protect Mamoru: Ninja Usagi’s Jealousy (05.27.1995)
         The Trouble With Love (10.06.2000)

#137 Forest of Illusion: A Beautiful Fairy’s Invitation (06.03.1995)
         Phony Fairy (10.09.2000)

#138 Drive To the Heavens: The Dream Car Fueled With Love (06.10.1995)
         Driven Dreamer (10.10.2000)

#139 Aiming For the Top: The Pretty Swordswoman’s Dilemma
         Cutting It Close (10.11.2000)

#140 We Love Fashion: The Stylish Guardians (07.01.1995)
          Clothes Call (10.12.2000)

#141 Storm of Love: Minako’s Grand Two-Timing Plan (07.08.1995)
          Double Trouble (10.13.2000)

#142 The Secret Mansion: A Menu of Love For You (07.15.1995)
          Recipe For Danger (10.16.2000)

#143 Believe In Pegasus: The Four Guardians’ Super Transformation
          Kickin' into High Gear (10.17.2000)

#144 Shining Summer Days: Ami Under the Sea-Breeze (08.12.1995)
          Beach Blanket Bungle (10.18.2000)

#145 Become a Prima: Usagi’s Ballet (08.19.1995)
     Tutu Treachery (10.19.2000)

#146 Juban Holiday: The Carefree Princess (08.26.1995)
         Duchess's Day Off (10.20.2000)

#147 Destined Partners? Makoto’s Innocence (09.02.1995)
          No Prince Charming (10.23.2000)

#148 Shadow of Evil: The Trio’s Last Chance (09.23.1995)
         A True Reflection (10.24.2000)

#149 Mirrors of Dreams: The Amazon’s Last Stage (10.21.1995)
          Eternal Dreams (10.25.2000)

Amazoness Quartet

#150 The Amazoness: Nightmare From Behind the Mirrors (10.28.1995)
          A New Nightmare (10.26.2000)

#151 True Power Explodes: Ami’s Melody of the Heart (11.04.1995)
         Heartfelt Melody (10.27.2000)

#152 Flames of Passion: Mars’s Raging Super Attack (11.11.1995)
         Dreams of Her Own (12.21.2000)
         NOTE: episode skipped in intial airing due to content, and an 
         edited version aired in the second run of episodes

#153 Dentist of Horrors? Palla-Palla’s House (11.18.1995)
         Dental Dilemma (10.30.2000)

#154 Clash of Dreams: Minako and Makoto’s Broken Friendship
         Nightmare Garden (10.31.2000)

#155 Overcome Your Fear: The Jump To Freedom (12.02.1995)
         Vaulting to Victory (11.01.2000)

#156 Don’t Lose Sight of Your Dreams: The Mirror of Truth (12.09.1995)
         Reflections of Reality (11.02.2000)

#157 Pegasus Disappears: Wavering Friendship (12.16.1995)
         Dream Believer (11.03.2000)

#158 Pegasus’s Secret: The Boy Who Protects the Dream World
         Pegasus Revealed (11.06.2000)

#159 Chibiusa’s Little Rhapsody of Love (01.13.1996)
         Rini's Lovely Rhapsody (11.07.2000)

#160 Dream To Be an Adult: The Amazoness’ Confusion (01.20.1996)
          Tomorrow's Big Dreams (11.08.2000)

#161 Terror In Motion: The Dark Queen’s Evil Hand (01.27.1996)
          Day of Night (11.09.2000)

#162 The Source of Darkness: Dead Moon Circus (02.03.1996)
          Show Time Showdown (11.10.2000)

#163 Labyrinth of Mirrors: Chibi Moon Captured (02.10.1996)
         The Dark Legend (11.13.2000)

#164 The Golden Crystal Appears: Nehellenia’s Magic (02.17.1996)
         One In the Hand (11.14.2000)

#165 When the Crystal Shines: The Beautiful Power of Dreams
         Golden Revival (11.15.2000)

#166 Dreams Forever: Fill the Heavens With Light (03.02.1996)
         The Sweetest Dream (11.16.2000)

5th Season
(Mar 9, 1996-Feb 8, 1997 in Japan)
(Viz Media English dub - 2015-2016 streaming in US

#167 The Flower of Nightmares Scatters: The Queen of Darkness Returns (03.09.1996)

#168 Saturn Awakens: The Ten Sailor Guardians Unite (03.23.1996)

#169 The Cursed Mirror: Ordeals of a Guardian (04.13.1996)

#170 Night of Destiny: Ordeals of a Guardian (04.20.1996)

#171 For Love: The Endless Battle In the Dark World (04.27.1996)

#172 Moon Power of Love: End of the Nightmare (05.04.1996)

#173 Farewells and Encounters: The Transitioning Stars of Destiny

#174 A School Storm: The Transfer Students Are Idols (05.18.1996)

#175 Becoming An Idol: Minako’s Ambition (05.25.1996)

#176 A Fighter’s True Spirit: Shocking Super Transformation (06.08.1996)

#177 A Maker’s True Spirit: Shocking Super Transformation (06.15.1996)

#178 Luna’s Discover: The Real Face of Yaten (06.22.1996)

#179 Friend Or Foe? Star Lights and Sailor Guardians (06.29.1996)

#180 Calling of the Shining Stars: Enter Haruka and Michiru (07.13.1996)

#181 Seiya and Usagi’s Heart-Pounding Date (07.20.1996)

#182 Invaders From Outer Space: The Coming of Siren (08.03.1996)

#183 The Screaming Dead: Terror of the Camp Monster (08.10.1996)

#184 A Night Alone Together: Usagi In Danger (08.17.1996)

#185 Taiki’s Song Filled With Passion and Faith (08.31.1996)

#186 Chibi-Chibi’s Mystery: The Big Noisy Chase (09.07.1996)

#187 The Shining Power of a Star: Chibi-Chibi’s Transformation

#188 Invitation To Terror: Usagi’s Night Flight (10.12.1996)

#189 Duty Or Friendship: Conflict Between the Sailor Guardians

#190 Truth Revealed: The Star Lights’ Past (10.26.1996)

#191 Butterflies of Light: A New Chapter On the Horizon (11.09.1996)

#192 Go For Your Dream: Minako Becomes an Idol (11.16.1996)

#193 The Stolen Silver Crystal: Princess Kakyu Appears (11.30.1996)

#194 Crusade For the Galaxy: Legend of the Sailor Wars (12.07.1996)

#195 Princess Kakyu Perishes: Advent of Galaxia (12.14.1996)

#196 Countdown To Destruction: The Sailor Guardians’ Final Battle

#197 Ruler of the Galaxy: The Menance of Galaxia (01.18.1997)

#198 Dying Stars: The End of Uranus and Neptune (01.25.1997)

#199 The Light of Hope: The Final Battle For the Galaxy (02.01.1997)

#200 Usagi’s Love: The Moonlight Illuminates the Galaxy (02.08.1997)


#01 Make Up! Sailor Senshi (12.05.1993 with Sailor Moon R Film)

#02 SuperS Special: An Elegant Metamorphosis? Crybaby Usagi’s Growth
       Diary (04.08.1995)

#03 SuperS Special: Haruka and Michiru, Again! The Ghostly Puppet Show

#04 SuperS Special: Chibiusa’s Adventure! The Dreaded Vampire Castle

#05 Ami’s First Love (12.23.1995 with Sailor Moon SuperS Film)


SAILOR MOON R: THE MOVIE (1993) (US 1999/2000)
released in the US: in Japanese with subtitles on Aug 31, 1999,
dubbed version: "Sailor Moon R The Movie: The Promise of the Rose"
released on Feb 8, 2000 by Pioneer Animation
original US airdate: Nov 2, 2001

SAILOR MOON S: THE MOVIE (1994) (US 1999/2000)
released in the US: in Japanese with subtitles on Aug 31, 1999,
dubbed version "Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts In Ice"
released on May 23, 2000 by Pioneer Animation
original US airdate: Nov 9, 2001

SAILOR MOON SUPER S: THE MOVIE (1995) (US 1999/2000)
released in the US: in Japanese with subtitles on Aug 31, 1999,
dubbed version "Sailor Moon Super S The Movie: Black Dream Hole"
released on Aug 23, 2000 by Pioneer Animation
original US airdate: Nov 16, 2001


Susan Aceron (1972-2016) as Mimet, Himeko (S Movie), Sailor Pluto/Trista Meio (episodes #103-120), Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe
Dennis Akiyama as Malachite
Lisa Balkan as Sailor Mercury/Amy Mizuno (episodes #90-166)
Linda Ballantyne (1964) as Sailor Moon/Serena (episodes #90-166
Emilie-Claire Barlow (1976) as Sailor Mars/Raye (episodes #73-89), as Sailor Venus/Mina Aino (episodes #90-166)
Jason Barr (1987) as Tiger's Eye, Tobihaneru, Shuffle
Sugar Lyn Beard (credited as Stephanie Beard) (1981) as Sailor Mini Moon/Rini (episodes #90-166)
Steve Bednarksi (1973) as Chad, Andrew, Kamoi
Karen Bernstein (1969) as Sailor Mercury/Amy Mizuno (episodes #7-89 and movies)
Kirsten Bishop (1963-2014) as Zoisite, Emerald, Fisheye, Kaorinite
Robert Bockstael as Pegasas and Prince Diamond
Liz Brown as Wicked Lady
Vince Corazza (1972) as Alan Granger, Tuxedo Mask/Darien (episodes #73-166 and movies)
Lisa Dalbello (1959) as Queen Nehellenia, Mrs. Akiyama
Tony Daniels as Jedite, Tiger's Eye and Wiseman
Norma Dell'Agnese as Prisma, Carrie
Catherine Disher (1960) as Mimet, Elizabeth, Nekonell, Snow Dancers
Deborah Drakeford as Fish Eye, Natsumi
Karyn Dwyer (1975) as Besubesu
Naz Edwards (1952) as Queen Beryl
Jill Frappier as Luna
David Fraser (1958) as Raye's Grandpa Hino
Jennifer Gould as PallaPella, PellaPella, Hotaru Tomoe
Sabrina Grdevich (1970) as Ann Granger and Sailor Pluto/Trista Meio (episodes #73-89 and movies)
Katie Griffin (1973) as Sailor Mars/Raye (episodes #1-72 and 90-166 and movies)
Jennifer Griffiths as Avery
Liz Hannah as the Tree of Life
Terri Hawkes (1958) as Sailor Moon/Serena (episodes #14-89 and movies)
Tracey Hoyt as Sailor Mini Moon/Rini (episodes #60-89 and movies)
David Hubard (1958) as Serena's Dad
Loretta Jafelice as Diana, Eugeal, TogeToge
Sarah Lafleur as Sailor Uranus/Amara Teno
Kathleen Laskey as Birdie
Julie Lemieux (1962) as Sammy
Mary Long (1951) as Catsy (2nd voice), Molly and Jun-Jun
Jeff Lumby as Dr. Souichi Tomoe, Pharaoh 90, Germatoid
Kevin Lund as Nephlite
Wendy Lyon as Queen Serenity, Stormy Kincaid, Blizzard
Tracey Moore (1960) as Sailor Moon/Serena (episodes #1-13)
Stephanie Morgenstern (1965) as Sailor Venus/Mina Aino (episodes #33-89 and movies)
Daniela Olivieri as CereCere, Kiriko, Rita Blake
Colin O' Meara as Andrew (episodes #1-72)
Roland Parliament as Melvin
Benjamin Plener (1982) as Hawk's Eye
Alice Poon as Catsy (1st voice)
Toby Proctor as Tuxedo Mask/Darien (episodes #14-72)
Barbara Radecki as Serena's Mom, Sailor Neptune/Michelle Kaou
Nadine Radinovitch as Ms. Patricia Haruna, Katie Sandler
Susan Roman (1957) as Sailor Jupiter/Lita Keno
Rino Romano (1969) as Tuxedo Mask/Darien (episodes #1-13)
Ron Ruben (1959) as Artemis
Lyon Smith as Sapphire
Rowan Tichenor as Zirconia
Rob Tinkler as Rubeus
Maria Vacratsis as the Negaforce (Queen Metallia), Tensie, Chiseler


Johnny Yong Bosch (1976) as Artemis
Robbie Daymond (1982) as Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba, King Endymion
Ben Diskin (1982) as Gurio Umino
Lucien Dodge (1984) as Zoisite, Motoki Furuhara
Kyle Hebert (1969) as Boxy
Kate Higgins (1969) as Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno
Cherami Leigh (1988) as Sailor V/Sailor Venus/Minako Aino
Danielle Judovitz (1985) as Naru Osaka
Amanda Céline Miller (1987) as Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino
Tara Platt (1978) as Ikuko Tsuniko
Cindy Robinson (1968) as Queen Beryl
Michelle Ruff (1967) as Luna
Patrick Seitz (1978) as Kunzite
Stephanie Sheh (1977) as Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsuniko
Kevin Silverstein (1970) as Kenji Tsunkino
Julie Ann Taylor (1966) as Haruna Sakurada, Kuri
Cristina Valenzuela (1987) as Sailor Mars/Rei Hino

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