Cartoon Resource entry #022 - Dungeons and Dragons (1983)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 17, 1983-Aug 30, 1986 and Jun 20, 1987-Sep 5, 1987 on CBS
PRODUCED BY: Marvel Productions, Ltd. & Sunbow Entertainment
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Walt Disney Television and Hasbro (formerly TSR, Inc./Wizards On the Coast, Inc.)


The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was loosely based on the popular role playing game made by TSR (now called Wizards On the Coast).  The show featured six kids that when on a roller coaster ride and were magically transported to the Realm of the Dungeons and Dragons.  Led by the mysterious Dungeon Master and accompanied by Uni the baby unicorn, the kids are trying to find there way home throughout the series.  Each of them are given special weapons to defend themselves from monsters and the evil Venger.  Unfortunately, the show was cancelled before they could make it home.  Dungeons and Dragons aired throughout most of the 1980s on CBS's Saturday morning block. The episodes were written by some top notch authors as Paul Dini (Batman) Buzz Dixon (G.I. Joe and Jem) and Michael Reaves (Real Ghostbusters).

1st Season (1983-1984)

#01 The Night of No Tomorrow (09.17.1983)
#02 The Eye of the Beholder (09.24.1983)
#03 The Hall of Bones (10.01.1983)
#04 Valley of the Unicorns (10.08.1983)
#05 In Search of Dungeon Master (10.15.1983)
#06 Beauty & the Bogbeast (10.22.1983)
#07 Prison Without Walls (10.29.1983)
#08 Servant of Evil (11.05.1983)
#09 Quest of the Skeleton Warrior (11.12.1983)
#10 The Garden of Zinn (11.19.1983)
#11 The Box (11.26.1983)
#12 The Lost Children (12.03.1983)
#13 P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster (12.10.1983)

2nd Season (1984-1985)

#14 The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow (09.08.1984)
#15 The Treasure of Tardos (09.15.1984)
#16 City At the Edge of Midnight (09.22.1984)
#17 The Traitor (09.29.1984)
#18 Day of the Dungeon Master (10.06.1984)
#19 The Last Illusion (10.13.1984)
#20 The Dragon's Graveyard (10.20.1984)
#21 Child of the Stargazer (10.27.1984)

3rd Season (1985-1986)

#22 Dungeon At the Heart of Dawn (09.14.1985)
#23 The Time Lost (10.12.1985)
#24 Odyssey of the 12th Talisman (09.21.1985)
#25 Citadel of Shadow (09.28.1985)
#26 Cave of the Fairy Dragons (11.09.1985)
#27 The Winds of Darkness (12.07.1985)

A final unproduced episode entitled 'Requiem' was written by Michael Reeves, would have dealt with the opportunity for the children to go home.  The script has been published online and read as a radio play as part of the special features of the DVD release.


Willie Aames (1960) as Hank the Ranger
Peter Cullen (1941) as Venger
Teddy Field III as Bobby the Barbarian
Bob Holt (1928-1985) as Shadow Demon
Katie Leigh (1958) as Sheila the Thief
Sidney Miller (1916-2004) as the Dungeon Master
Donny Most (1953) as Eric the Cavalier
Adam Rich (1968) as Presto the Magician
Tonia Gayle Smith as Diana the Acrobat
Frank Welker (1946) as Uni

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