Cartoon Resource entry #023 - Spider-Man (1967)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 9, 1967-Aug 30, 1969 and Mar 22, 1970-Sep 6, 1970 on ABC
RERUNS: 1970s in syndication
1994-1998 on YTV Canada
May 25-27, 2002 and 2004 on ABC Family
ANIMATION BY: Grantway-Lawrence Animation (1st season), Krantz Films (2nd and 3rd seasons)
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Walt Disney Television


The first Spider-Man animated series, featured high school student Peter Parker, who becomes the Amazing Spider-Man after being bitten by a radioactive spider.  Parker also works for the Daily Bugle newspaper and many of his early villains appear in the show.  The series aired on ABC Saturday mornings for two seasons and then aired a third season on Sunday mornings.  The catchy theme song written by Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris has reappeared from time to time in future Spider-Man films.

1st Season (1967-1968)

#01 The Power of Doctor Octopus / Sub-Zero For Spidey
#02 Where Crawls the Lizard / Electro the Human Lightning Bolt
#03 The Menace of Mysterio
#04 The Sky Is Falling / Captured By J. Jonah Jameson
#05 Never Step On a Scorpion / Sands of Crime
#06 Diet of Destruction / The Witching Hour
#07 Kilowatt Kaper / The Peril of Parafino
#08 Horn of the Rhino
#09 The One-Eyed Idol / Fifth Avenue Phantom
#10 The Revenge of Dr. Magneto / The Sinister Prime Minister
#11 The Night of the Villains / Here Comes Trubble
#12 Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Boddy / The Fantastic Fakir
#13 Return of the Flying Dutchman / Farewell Performance
#14 The Golden Rhino / Blueprint For Crime
#15 The Spider and the Fly / The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick
#16 The Vulture's Prey / The Dark Terrors
#17 The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus / Magic Malice
#18 Fountain of Terror / Fiddler On the Loose
#19 To Catch a Spider / Double Identity
#20 Sting of the Scorpion / Trick Or Treachery

2nd Season (1968-1969)

#21 The Origin of Spider-Man
#22 King Pinned
#23 Swing City
#24 Criminals In the Clouds
#25 Menace From the Bottom of the World
#26 Diamond Dust
#27 Spider-Man Battles the Molemen
#28 Phantom From the Depths of Time
#29 The Evil Sorcerer
#30 Vine
#31 Pardo Presents
#32 Cloud City of Gold
#33 Neptune's Nose Cone
#34 Home
#35 Blotto
#36 Thunder Rumble
#37 Spider-Man Meets Skyboy
#38 Cold Storage
#39 To Cage a Spider

3rd Season (1970)

#40 The Winged Thing / Conner's Reptiles
#41 Trouble With Snow / Spider-Man Vs. Desperado
#42 Sky Harbor / The Big Brainwasher
#43 The Vanishing Doctor Vespasian / Scourge of the Scarf
#44 Super Swami / The Birth of Micro-Man
#45 Knights Must Fall / The Devious Dr. Dumpty
#46 Up From Nowhere
#47 Rollarama
#48 Rhino / The Madness of Mysterio
#49 Revolt In the Fifth Dimension
#50 Specialists and Slaves
#51 Down To Earth
#52 Trip To Tomorrow


Carl Banas (1929) as the Scorpion
Len Carlson (1937-2006) as Captain Stacy and Green Goblin
Vern Chapman (1923-2008) as Dr. Octopus
Bernard Cowan (1922-1990) as Dr. Magneto and Narrator
Peg Dixon (1923-2015) as Betty Brant, Aunt May and Susan
Gillie Fenwick (1916-2006) as Lizard Man/Dr. Curt Conners
Tom Harvey (1924-2014) as Electro, Sandman
Paul Kligman (1923-1985) as J. Jonah Jameson
Ed McNamara (1921-1986) as Rhino
Paul Soles (1930) as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, the Vulture, Ox, Fantastic Fakir
Chris Wiggins (1930-2017) as Mysterio 

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