Cartoon Resource entry #023B - Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 12, 1981-Sep 6, 1986 on NBC
RERUNS: 1988-1989 in syndication,
1998-1999 on UPN,
May 25-27 and Jul 6-Aug 31, Oct 19, 2002-May 25, 2003,
and Mar 27, 2004-Aug 14, 2004 on ABC Family,
Jun 2005 on ABC Family and Toon Disney (now Disney XD)
ANIMATION BY: Marvel Productions, Ltd.
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Walt Disney Television


This series featured Spider-Man teaming up with Iceman from the X-Men and a new character Firestar, who was created for this series.  She later was adapted in Marvel Comics continuity in 1985, as a member of the Hellions, a group of rival mutants for the The New Mutants team.  Firestar later went to join the Marvel super-hero teams, the New Warriors and the Avengers.

EPISODE GUIDE (in production order)
1st Season (1981-1982)

#01-6001 Triumph of the Green Goblin (09.12.1981)
#02-6002 Crime of All Centuries (09.19.1981)
#03-6003 The Fantastic Mr. Frump (09.26.1981)
#04-6004 Sunfire (10.03.1981)
#05-6005 Swarm (10.10.1981)
#06-6006 Seven Little Superheroes (10.17.1981)
#07-6007 Videoman (10.24.1981)
#08-6008 Prison Plot (10.31.1981)
#09-6009 Spidey Goes Hollywood (11.07.1981)
#10-6010 The Vengeance of Loki (11.14.1981)
#11-6011 Knights and Demons (11.21.1981)
#12-6012 Pawns of the Kingpin (11.28.1981)
#13-6013 Quest of the Red Skull (12.05.1981)

2nd Season (1982-1983)

Aired with episodes from The Incredible Hulk under the title THE INCREDIBLE HULK AND THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.
#14-6016 The Origin of the Iceman (09.18.1982)
#15-6017 Along Came Spidey (10.02.1982)
#16-6018 A Firestar Is Born (09.25.1982)

3rd Season (1983-1984)

Aired with episodes from The Incredible Hulk under the title THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN AND THE INCREDIBLE HULK.
#17-6024 Spider-Man: Unmasked (09.17.1983)
#18-6025 The Transylvanian Connection (titled The Bride of Dracula on later airings) (09.24.1983)
#19-6026 Education of a Superhero (10.01.1983)
#20-6027 Attack of the Arachnoid (10.08.1983)
#21-6028 Origin of the Spider-Friends (10.15.1983)
#22-6029 Spidey Meets the Girl From Tomorrow (10.22.1983)
#23-6030 The X-Men Adventure (10.29.1983)
#24-6031 Mission: Save the Guardstar (11.05.1983)


Melissa Sue Anderson (1962) as Sprite/Kitty Pryde (1982-83 1st-2nd appearance)
Michael Bell (1938) as Doctor Octopus
William Callaway (1940) as the Angel, Wolverine
Cathy Cavadini (1961) as Ariel/Kitty Pryde (1983 3rd appearance only)
Hans Conried (1917-1982) as the Chameleon, the Red Skull
Peter Cullen (1941) as Crusher Hogan, Mysterio, the Hulk
Jerry Dexter (1935-2013) as Sunfire
George DiCenzo (1940-2010) as Captain America
Walker Edminston (1926-2007) as the Kingpin, Frankenstein
June Foray (1917-2017) as Aunt May
Pat Fraley (1949) as the Gamesman
Kathy Garver (1945) as Firestar/Angelica Jones
Dan Gilvezan (1950) as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Stan Jones (1926-1998) as Professor X, Nightcrawler, Dracula
Sally Julian (1951) as Mona Osborne
Chris Latta (1949-1994) (also known as Christopher Collins) as the Sandman, the Beetle
Stan Lee (1922) as the Narrator
Anne Lockhart (1953) as Lightwave/Aurora Dante, Storm
Dennis Marks (1932-2006) as the Green Goblin, Dr. Faustus
William Marshall (1924-2003) as the Juggernaut, Tony Stark
Allan Melvin (1923-2008) as Electro
Shepard Menken (1921-1999) as Dr. Doom
Robert Rigley (1931-1997) as Kraven the Hunter
Neil Ross (1944) as Cyclops, Norman Osborn, Cyberiad, the Scorpion
Micheal Rye (1918-2012) as Magneto
John Stephenson (1923-2015) as Colossus, Thunderbird and Uncle Ben
Dick Tufeld (1926-2012) as Announcer (Season 1)
Frank Welker (1946) as Iceman, Flash Thompson and Ms. Lion
William Woodson (1917-2017) as J. Jonah Jameson
Alan Young (1919-2016) as Mr. Frump

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