Cartoon Resource entry #023D - Spider-Man Unlimited (1999)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Oct 2, 1999-Oct 16, 1999 and Dec 2, 2000-Mar 2001 on FOX,
RERUNS: May 25-27 and July-Aug 31, 2002 on ABC Family (now FreeForm)
PRODUCED BY: Saban Entertainment
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Walt Disney Television


This series takes Spider-Man to Counter-Earth with battles against the High Evolutionary, as well as Venom and Carnage. Saban was forced to use a new Spider-Man suit and setting due to the Sony-Marvel movie deal.


#01 Worlds Apart, Part 1 (10.02.1999)
#02 Worlds Apart, Part 2 (10.09.1999)
#03 Where Evil Nests (10.16.1999)
#04 Deadly Choices (12.23.2000)
#05 Steel Cold Heart (01.13.2001)
#06 Enter The Hunter! (02.03.2001)
#07 Cry Vulture (02.10.2001)
#08 I'll Met By Moonlight (02.17.2001)
#09 Sustenance (02.24.2001)
#10 Family Matters (03.03.2001)
#11 One Is The Loneliest Number (03.10.2001)
#12 The Sins Of Our Fathers (03.17.2001)
#13 Destiny Unleashed (03.24.2001)


Jim Byrnes (1948) as Fire Drake
Garry Chalk (1952) as Durwood, Mr. Meugniot, Revenend
Michael Donovan (1953) as Carnage
Brian Drummond (1969) as Venom
Christopher Gaze (1952) as Bromley
Mark Gibbon as Nick Fury
Ron Halder as Sir Ram
Jennifer Hale (1965) as Haley Wing, Lady Vermin, Katherine O'Malley
Kim Hawthrone as Karen O'Malley
Rhys Huber (1986) as Shane Yamada-Jones
Akiko Morison as Dr. Naoko Yamada-Jones
Richard Newman (1946) as J. Jonah Jameson
John Payne as John Jameson
Rino Romano (1969) as Spider-Man
Tasha Simms as Lady Ursa
David Sobolov (1964) as Lord Tyger
Sam Vincent (1971) as Freddy
Dale Wilson (1950) as Machine Men, X-51, Electro

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