Cartoon Resource entry #035B - Challenge of the Super Friends (1978)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 8, 1978-Sep 15, 1979 on ABC
RERUNS: Both the "core group" episodes and the Legion of Doom episodes aired in the 1980s in syndication;
The Legion of Doom episodes were later aired by themselves under the "Challenge of the Superfriends" title from 1996-1999, Mar 2, 2003-present on Cartoon Network, and from Apr 2, 2000-Feb 2, 2009 on Boomerang;
The "core group" episodes later aired as part of "The Superman/Batman Adventures" from 1995-1996 in syndication, from 1996-1998 on USA, from 1998-1999 on Cartoon Network, and from July 31, 2000-2005 on Boomerang
EPISODES: 16 Core Group Episodes + 16 Legion of Doom Episodes, 32 half hour episodes total
ANIMATION BY: Hanna-Barbera
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Warner Bros. Television


This Super Friends series was originally aired in one hour (with two 30 minute segments per show), and featured 16 episodes with the core group of Super Friends: Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Wonder Twins airing in the first half hour. These episodes are shown with the theme song from the All-New Super Friends Hour in reruns and DVD releases. 16 episodes starred the full Justice League: Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Black Vulcan, Samurai, Apache Chief against the Legion of Doom. These episodes aired in the second half hour of the hour-long show.


Super Friends Volume 2 (05.24.2005 by Warner Bros.) - Core Group Episodes
Challenge of the Superfriends: The Complete First Season (07.06.2004 by Warner Bros.) - Legion of Doom Episodes

3rd Season (1978-1979)

#7801 The Demons of Exxor (09.09.1978)
#7802 Rokan: Enemy From Space (09.16.1978)
#7803 Battle At the Earth's Core (09.23.1978)
#7804 Sinbad and the Space Pirates (09.30.1978)
#7805 Pied Piper From Space (10.07.1978)
#7806 Attack of the Vampire (10.14.1978)
#7807 The Beasts Are Coming (10.28.1978)
#7808 Terror From the Phantom Zone (10.21.1978)
#7809 The Anti-Matter Monster (11.04.1978)
#7810 World Beneath the Ice (11.11.1978)
#7811 Invasion of the Brain Creatures (11.18.1978)
#7812 The Incredible Space Circus (11.25.1978)
#7813 Batman: Dead Or Alive (12.02.1978)
#7814 Battle of the Gods (12.09.1978)
#7815 Journey Through Inner Space (12.16.1978)
#7816 The Rise and Fall of the Superfriends (12.23.1978)


#7801 Wanted: the Superfriends (09.09.1978)
#7802 Invasion of the Fearians (09.16.1978)
#7803 The World's Deadliest Game (09.23.1978)
#7804 The Time Trap (09.30.1978)
#7805 Trial of the Superfriends (10.07.1978)
#7806 The Monolith of Evil (10.14.1978)
#7807 The Giants of Doom (10.21.1978)
#7808 Secret Origins of the Superfriends (10.28.1978)
#7809 Revenge On Gorilla City (11.04.1978)
#7810 Swamp of the Living Dead (11.11.1978)
#7811 Conquerors of the Future (11.18.1978)
#7812 The Final Challenge (11.25.1978)
#7813 Fairy Tales of Doom (12.02.1978)
#7814 Doomsday (12.09.1978)
#7815 Superfriends: Rest In Peace (12.16.1978)
#7816 History of Doom (12.23.1978)


Jack Angel (1930) as Hawkman, Samurai, the Flash
Marlena Aragon as the Cheetah
Michael Bell (1938) as Zan, Gleek, the Riddler, Young Lex Luthor
William Callaway (1940) as Aquaman, Bizzaro
Ted Cassidy (1932-1979) as Black Manta, Brainiac
Regis Nordic (1926-1999) as Apache Chief (1st appearance), Manta
Danny Dark (1938-2004) as Superman, Commissioner Gordon
Shannon Farnon (1941) as Wonder Woman
Ruth Forman as Giganta
Buster Jones (1943-2014) as Black Vulcan
Stan Jones (1926-1998) as Lex Luthor
Casey Kasem (1932-2014) as Robin
Don Messick (1926-1997) as Scarecrow, Sinestro
Vic Perrin (1916-1989) as Sinestro
Stanley Ralph Ross (1935-2000) as Gorilla Grodd
Dick Ryal as Captain Cold, Legion of Doom Computer
Michael Rye (1918-2012) as Apache Chief, Green Lantern
Olan Soule (1909-1994) as Batman
Jimmy Weldon (1923) as Solomon Grundy
Frank Welker (1946) as Toyman
Louise Williams (credited as Liberty Williams) as Jayna, Young Giganta
William Woodson (1917-2017) as Narrator

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