Cartoon Resource entry #035F - Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1985)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 7, 1985-Sep 6, 1986 on ABC
RERUNS: 1980s in syndication,
1996-1999 on Cartoon Network,
Apr 2, 2000-2009 on Boomerang
ANIMATION BY: Hanna Barbera
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Warner Bros. Television


Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians was 30 minutes long (except one episode with two 11 minute shorts) and featured all previous Superfriends except Black Vulcan, Apache Cheif, Zan, Jayna and Gleek.  Cyborg from the New Teen Titans was introduced and join the team. The ‘Super Friends’ name was dropped and the Justice League was referred to as the ‘Super Powers Team.’  This was done make the series a closer tie in to the Kenner Super Powers toy line.


Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians - The Complete Series (10.23.2007) by Warner Bros.

9th Season (1985-1986)

#8501 The Seeds of Doom (09.11.1985)
#8502 The Ghost Ship & The Bizarro Super Powers Team (09.18.1985)
#8503 The Darkseid Deception (09.25.1985)
#8504 The Fear (10.02.1985)
#8505 The Wild Cards (10.09.1985)
#8506 Brain Child & The Case of the Stolen Powers (10.16.1985)
#8507 Escape From Space City (10.30.1985)
#8508 The Death of Superman (11.06.1985)


Jack Angel (1930) as Hawkman, Samurai, the Flash
RenĂ© Auberjonois (1940) as Desaad
William Callaway (1940) as Aquaman
Peter Cullen (1941) as Felix Faust
Danny Dark (1938-2004) as Superman
Ernie Hudson (1945) as Cyborg
Stan Jones (1926-1998) as Lex Luthor
Casey Kasem (1932-2014) as Robin
Robert Morse (1931) as Commissioner Gordon, the Penguin
Stanley Ralph Ross (1935-2000) as Brainiac
Michael Rye (1918-2012) as Green Lantern
Olan Soule (1909-1994) as Professor Martin Stein
Andre Stojka (1935) as the Scarecrow, Alfred Pennyworth
Mark L. Taylor (1950) as Firestorm/Ronnie Raymond
Dick Tufeld (1926-2012) as the Announcer
Adam West (1928-2017) as Batman
B.J. Ward (1944) as Wonder Woman, Young Bruce Wayne
Frank Welker (1946) as Darkseid, Kalibak, Mr. Mxyzptlk, the Joker
William Woodson (1917-2017) as Narrator

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