Cartoon Resource entry #039 - Galaxy High School (1986)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 13, 1986-Sep 5, 1987 on CBS
RERUNS: Jan 2, 1988-Aug 27, 1988 on CBS,
Jan 2, 1994-Mar 1994, Jul 2, 1994-Sep 24, 1994, Oct 8, 1994-Dec 31, 1994, Feb 7, 1996-Feb 23, 1996, Apr 2, 1996-Apr 19, 1996, May 27, 1996-Jun 17, 1996 on Sci-Fi Channel
ANIMATION BY: TMS Entertainment/Tokyo Movie Shinsha
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: TMS Entertainment/Tokyo Movie Shinsha


Doyle and Aimee are two Earth students who transfer to Galaxy High School on the asteroid, Flutor. Back on Earth, Doyle was the high school star and Aimee was the smartest girl in school, not very popular or cool. At Galaxy High, the aliens accept Aimee and she becomes popular, while Doyle doesn't. The show has hints of a budding romance between Doyle and Aimee but it never is given time to grow, since the show only had thirteen episodes. The aliens in the school, included Gilda Gossip, the girl with the big mouth or mouths. Booey Bubblehead who has a bubble for a head and is absent-minded. Milo De Venus the six armed class president. There is also Beef and the Bonk Bunch who bully Doyle.  The teachers are even more unusual than the students. Ms. Biddy McBrain has a light bulb attached to her head.  Coach Frogface eats flies. Also, Professor Icenstein has to keep his classroom cold or he will melt.  The series was created by movie director Chris Columbus.  The theme song and music is also cool, performed by Don Felder a former member of the Eagles.


#101 Welcome to Galaxy High (09.13.1986)
Doyle and Aimee arrive at Galaxy High and meet their strange new classmates.  Here, their roles are switched, as Doyle is now a nerd and Aimee is popular.

#102 Pizza's Honor (09.20.1986)
Doyle must make a pizza delivery to the creepy Tinglar planet.  But Beef and the Bonk Bunch follow him to make trouble.

#103 The Beef Who Would Be King (09.27.1986)
Beef is elected king of the planet Cholesterol.  But once he gets crowned they want to eat him and Doyle must save him.

#104 Where's Milo? (10.04.1986)
Milo disappears after he angers his friends by making a couple of accidents.

#105 Those Eyes, Those Lips (10.11.1986)
Booey wants to go to the Mick Maggers concert, but the tickets are sold out.  Aimee and the gang go to great lengths to get a ticket for Booey.

#106 Doyle's New Friend (10.18.1986)
The Hands Across the Universe dance is coming to Galaxy High, and Doyle's new friend Wolfgang arrives to help with the dance and play practical jokes on everyone.

#107 Dollars and Sense (10.25.1986)
Aimee is persued by Reggie Unicycle, the richest man in the galaxy.  He showers her with gifts and trips, and the gang must help her see him for what he really is.

#108 Beach Blanket Blow-Up (11.01.1986)
Everyone, but Doyle gets to go for Spring Break at Fort Lauderoid.  But Doyle and Professor Icenstein find out that a supernova nearby will destroy the beach planetoid.

#109 The Brain Blaster (11.08.1986)
To get better grades, Doyle tries a brain blaster and gets addicted.  He steals from his friends in order to pay for his habit, but Aimee and friends try to break him off of the drug.  NOTE: This episode won the story editors a Humanitas award.

#110 The Brat Pack (11.15.1986)
Beef is punished by Ms. McBrain to take over a class full of little kids who are alot of trouble.

#111 Founder's Day (11.22.1986)
Doyle, Aimee, Milo and Creep fall into Professor Icenstein's time machine and go back to the day that Galaxy High was founded.  But by being there, they alter time and have to make sure that Galaxy High gets created somehow.

#112 Martian Mumps (11.29.1986)
Everyone but Doyle, Aimee and Professor Icenstein get the Martian Mumps, a disease that turns everyone green and dull.  They must find a cure soon or the students and teachers will remain martians forever.

#113 It Came From Earth (12.06.1986)
At a big game, Doyle is knocked out, and wakes up 15 years later to find he has grown into a giant. All the former Galaxy High students are on Earth and Beef's army has been ordered to destroy Doyle.


Susan Blu (1948) as Aimee Brightower
Pat Carroll (1927) as Ms. Biddy McBrain
Nancy Cartwright (1957) as "Flat" Freddy Fender and Gilda Gossip
Guy Christopher as Earl Eccchhh
Gino Conforti (1932) as Ollie Oilslick the Cabbie and Reggie Unicycle
Jennifer Darling (1946) as Booey Bubblehead, Mertyl Blastermeier and Wendy Garbo
Pat Fraley (1949) as Coach Frogface and Sludge the janitor
Henry Gibson (1935-2009) as Doyle's locker
David L. Lander (1947) as Milo De Venus
Danny Mann (1951) as the Creep
Howard Morris (1919-2005) as Professor Icenstein and Luigi La Bounci
Hal Rayle (1955) as Doyle Cleverlobe
Neil Ross (1944) as Rotten Roland
John Stephenson (1923-2015) as Beef Bonk and Harvey Blastermeier

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