Cartoon Resource entry #041 - Strawberry Shortcake (1980)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: 1980-1985 in syndication
EPISODES: 6 Thirty-Minute TV Specials
ANIMATION BY: Special #1, 3 by Murikami-Wolf-Swenson and Toei Dog
Special #2 by Perpetual Motion Pictures
Special #4-6 by Nelvana
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: American Greetings (1980-2015), Iconix Brand Group (2015-2017), DHX Media (2017-present)


Strawberry Shortcake was created in 1978 as a greeting card character. She never had her own series in the 1980s, but was featured in six animated specials airing yearly during the decade.

1980-1985 SPECIALS

#01 The World of Strawberry Shortcake (03.28.1980)
#02 Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City (04.10.1981)
#03 Strawberry Shortcake in Pets On Parade (04.09.1982)
#04 Strawberry Shortcake's Housewarming Surprise (03.31.1983)
#05 Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name (03.24.1984)
#06 Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins (03.29.1985)


Pamela Anderson as Raspberry Tart (special #1)
Jack Blum as Captain Cackle (special #4)
Jeri Craden as Fig-Boot and Sour Grapes (special #4-5)
Joan Gerber (1935-2011) as Apple Dumplin', Blueberry Muffin, Sour Grapes (specials #1-2)
Jeanine Elias (1954) as Huckleberry Pie, Lem and Parfait Parrot (special #4)
Bob Holt (1928-1985) as Ben Bean, Coco Nutwork and Escargot
Diane McCannon as Orange Blossom (special #2)
Julie McWhirter (1947) as Huckleberry Pie, Tea N. Honey (special #2), Apple Dumplin' (special #3)
Melleny Melody (1969) as Lemon Meringue and Lime Chiffon (special #5), Banana Berrykin, Banana Twirl
Romeo Muller (1928-1992) as Mr. Sun (specials #1-3)
Monica Parker as Baby Who Needs a Name (special #5), Lullaberry Pie
Robert Ridgely (1931-1997) as The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak
Susan Roman (1957) as Blueberry Muffin (special #4-5), Peach Blush, Raspberry Tart, Ada, Crepe Suzette, Peach Berrykin, Berry Princess (specials #4-6)
Susan Snooks as Raspberry Tart, Blueberry Muffin (special #6)
Cree Summer (1969) as Orange Blossom (special #5)
Russi Taylor (1944) as Strawberry Shortcake
Laurie Waller-Benson as Plum Puddin' (special #5), Plum Berrykin, Orange Blossom (special #6)
Chris Wiggins (1930-2017) as Mr. Sun, Narrator (specials #4-6)

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