Cartoon Resource entry #046B - Superman (1988)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 17, 1988-Sep 9, 1989 on CBS
PRODUCED BY: Ruby-Spears Enterprises
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Warner Bros. Television


The 1988 Ruby-Spears Superman series was to made to commomerate Superman's 50th Anniversary.  Each episode consisted of a main Superman story, followed by a short "Superman Family Album" back-up that featured stories of Clark Kent growing up in Smallville and his journey to becoming Superman.


Ruby-Spears Superman (11.03.2009) - all 13 episodes released by Warner Bros.


#01 Destroy the Defendroids / The Adoption (09.17.1988)
#02 Fugitive From Space / The Supermarket (09.24.1988)
#03 By The Skin of a Dragon's Teeth / At the Babysitter's (10.01.1988)
#04 Cybron Strikes / The First Day of School (10.08.1988)
#05 The Big Scoop / Overnight With the Scouts (10.15.1988)
#06 The Triple-Play / The Circus (10.22.1988)
#07 The Hunter / Little Runaway (10.29.1988)
#08 Superman and Wonder Woman Vs. the Sorceress of Time / The Birthday Party (11.05.1988)
#09 Bonechill / The Driver's License (11.12.1988)
#10 The Beast Beneath These Streets / First Date (11.19.1988)
#11 Wildsharkk / To Play Or Not To Play (11.26.1988)
#12 Night of the Living Shadows / Graduation (12.03.1988)
#13 The Last Time I Saw Earth / It's Superman (12.10.1988)


René Auberjonois (1940) as General Zod
Michael Bell (1938) as Lex Luthor
Pat Carroll (1927) as Queen Hippolyta
Keene Curtis (1923-2002) as Bonechill/Chilton Bone
Townsend Coleman (1954) as Teenage Clark Kent
Victor DiMattia (1980) as Young Clark Kent
Liz Georges (1955) as Lana Lang
Kelly Martin (1975) as Teenage Lana Lang
Tress MacNeille (1951) as Martha Kent
Mary McDonald-Lewis (1953) as Wonder Woman
Ginny McSwain (1951) as Lois Lane
Howard Morris (1919-2005) as the Prankster
Alan Oppenheimer (1930) as Jonathan Kent
Diane Pershing as Mrs. White
Henry Polic II (1945-2013) as Wildsharkk
Stanley Ralph Ross (1935-2000) as Perry White
Lynne Marie Stewart (1946) as Jessica Morganberry
Mark L. Taylor (1950) as Jimmy Olsen
Russi Taylor (1944) as Young Lana Lang
B.J. Ward (1944) as Cyrene
Beau Weaver (1952) as Superman/Clark Kent
Frank Welker (1946) as Cybron

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