Cartoon Resource entry #109 - Jabberjaw (1976)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 11, 1976-Sep 3, 1978 on ABC
RERUNS: 1989-1992 on USA Network, 1992-2000 on Cartoon Network, May 1, 2000-present on Boomerang
ANIMATION: Hanna-Barbera
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television
NOTE: Created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears.  Jabberjaw also appeared on the Laff-A-Lympics and Yogi's Space Race

In the year 2021, humans live underwater.  Jabberjaw is the drummer in the band, the Neptunes, who travel around the sea and run into trouble and adventure.  Did we mention Jabberjaw is a great white shark?!

EPISODE GUIDE (in production number order)
#7601 Dr. Lo Has Got To Go (09.11.1976)
#7602 No Place Like Outer Space (09.18.1976)
#7603 Run, Jabber, Run (09.25.1976)
#7604 Atlantis Get Lost (10.02.1976)
#7605 The Sourpuss Octopus (10.09.1976)
#7606 Hang Onto Your Hat, Jabber (10.16.1976)
#7607 Great Shark Switch (10.23.1976)
#7608 Claim Jumped Jabber (10.30.1976)
#7609 Ali Jabber and the Secret Thieves (11.06.1976)
#7610 Help, Help, It's the Phantom of the Kelp (11.13.1976)
#7611 No Helpin' the Sculpin' (11.20.1976)
#7612 The Bermuda Triangle Tangle (11.27.1976)
#7613 Malice In Aqualand (12.04.1976)
#7614 The Face Raced Chase Race (12.11.1976)
#7615 There's No Heel Like El Eel (12.18.1976)
#7616 The Piranha Plot (12.25.1976)

Tommy Cook (1930) as Biff Starke
Barry Gordon (1948) as Cleveland 'Clam-Head' Rogers
Julie McWhirter (1947) as Bubbles Blowton
Patricia Parris as Shelly LaMarine
Frank Welker (1946) as Jabberjaw

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