Cartoon Resource entry #149 - Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor (1967)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 9, 1967-Sep 6, 1969 on CBS
RERUNS: 1992-1997 on Cartoon Network, Apr 29, 2000-2008 on Boomerang
ANIMATION: Hanna-Barbera
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television

Moby Dick short was sandwiched in with two Mightor shorts

Mightor: The Monster Keeper
Moby Dick: The Undersea World
Mightor: The People Keepers

Mightor: Mightor Meets Tyrannor
Moby Dick: The Crab Creatures
Mightor: Brutor the Barbarian

Mightor: The Bird People
Moby Dick: The Iceberg Monster
Mightor: Kragor and the Cavern Creatures

Mightor: The Tiger Men
Moby Dick: The Saucer Shells
Mightor: Return of Korg

Mightor: The Tusk People
Moby Dick: The Sea Monster
Mightor: The Snow Trapper

Mightor: The Serpent Queen
Moby Dick: The Aqua Bats
Mightor: The Giant Hunters

Mightor: The Tree Pygmies
Moby Dick: The Shark Men
Mightor: Charr and the Fire People

Mightor: The Stone Men
Moby Dick: The Sinister Sea Saucer
Mightor: The Scorpion Men

Mightor: Revenge of the Serpent Queen
Moby Dick: Moraya, the Eel Queen
Mightor: Vampire Island

Mightor: The Vulture Men
Moby Dick: The Electrifying Shoctopus
Mightor: Attack of the Ice Creatures

Mightor: Tribe of the Witchmen
Moby Dick: The Cereb Men
Mightor: Cult of the Cavebearers

Mightor: Rok and His Gang
Moby Dick: Toadus, Ruler of the Dead Ships
Mightor: A Big Day For Little Rok

Mightor: The Sea Slavers
Moby Dick: The Vortex Trap
Mightor: Vengeance of the Storm King

Mightor: The Plant People
Moby Dick: Soodak the Invader
Mightor: The Return of the Vulture Men

Mightor: The Mightiest Warrior
Moby Dick: The Shimmering Screen
Mightor: Rok To the Rescue

Mightor: Dinosaur Island
Moby Dick: The Sea Ark
Mightor: The Battle of the Mountain Monsters

Mightor: The Greatest Escape
Moby Dick: The Iguana Men
Mightor: Rok and the Golden Rock

Mightor: The Missing Village
Moby Dick: The Sand Creatures
Mightor: Battle of the Mightors

Barry Balkin as Tub
Bobby Diamond (1943) as Tor
Patsy Garrett (1921-2015) as Sheera
Norma MacMillan (1921-2001) as Lil' Rok
Don Messick (1926-1997) as Scooby the Seal
Bobby Resnick as Tom
John Stephenson (1923-2015) as Ork, Pondo and Tog
Paul Stewart (1908-1986) as Mightor

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