Cartoon Resource entry #166A - The New Archies (1987)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 12, 1987-Sep 3, 1988, Nov 5, 1988-Feb 4, 1989 on NBC
RERUNS: 1992-1993 on The Family Channel, Apr 1998-Sep 1, 2002 on Toon Disney
PRODUCED BY: DiC Entertainment
DISTRIBUTED AND OWNED BY:  DHX Media and Archie Comics Publications

NOTE: This series features Archie and the gang as pre-teens. Two new African-American characters, Eugene and Amani, were created for the show.

#01 The Visitor / Ballot Box Blues
#02 The Last Laugh / Thief of Hearts
#03 I Gotta Be Me Or It Is You? / Sir Jughead Jones
#04 The Awful Truth / Jughead Predicts
#05 Future Shock / Stealing the Show
#06 Hamburger Helpers / Goodbye Ms. Grundy
#07 Red To the Rescue / Jughead the Jinx
#08 Telegraph, Telephone, Tell Reggie / Wooden It Be Loverly
#09 I Was a 12-Year Old Werewolf / The Prince of Riverdale
#10 Loose Lips Stop Slips / A Change of Minds
#11 Incredible Shrinking Archie / Gunk For the Gold
#12 Jughead's Millions / Making of Mr. Righteous
#13 Take My Butler, Please / Hooray For Hollywood
#14 Got Hair? / Teenage Birthday Party

Karen Burthwright as Amani
Lisa Coristine ( -2004) as Betty Cooper
Alyson Court (1973) as Veronica Lodge
Victor Erdos (1972) as Big Moose
Michael Fantini as Jughead Jones
Marvin Goldhar (1934-2002) as Mr. Weatherbee
Rex Hagon (1947) as Hot Dog
Jazzmin Lausanne as Big Ethel
J. Michael Roncetti as Archie Andrews
Linda Sorensen as Miss Grundy
Greg Swanson as Coach Cleats
Sunny Besen Thrasher (1976) as Reggie Mantle
Colin Waterman as Eugene

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