Cartoon Resource entry #183 - The Avengers (1999)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Oct 30, 1999-Feb 26, 2000 on FOX
PRODUCED BY: Saban Entertainment
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Disney/ABC Television and Marvel Entertainment
NOTE: Avengers line-up included Ant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Vision, Falcon and Tigra.


#01 Avengers Assemble Part 1 (10.30.1999)
#02 Avengers Assemble Part 2 (11.06.1999)
#03 Kang (11.13.1999)
#04 Comes a Swordsman (11.27.1999)
#05 Remnants (12.04.1999)
#06 Command Decision (12.11.1999) Captain America guest-stars
#07 To Rule Atlantis (01.15.2000) Namor the Sub-Mariner guest-stars
#08 Shooting Stars (01.22.2000) (Iron Man guest-stars)
#09 What a Vision Has To Do (01.29.2000)
#10 Egg-streme Vengeance (02.05.2000)
#11 The Sorceress’s Apprentice (02.12.2000)
#12 Earth and Fire Part 1 (02.19.2000)
#13 Earth and Fire Part 2 (02.26.2000)


Linda Ballantyne (1964) as Wasp/Janet Van Dyne
Oliver Becker as Absorbing Man
Wayne Best as Scorpio, Jacob Fury
Dan Chameroy as Captain America
Rob Cowan as Boomerang
Robert Latimer Cornell as Egghead
Tony Daniels as Aquarius, Ares, Boomerang, Bruticus, Hawkeye/Clint Barton
Francis Diakowsky as Iron Man
Carlos Diaz (1970) as Tiger Shark
Nigel Hamer as Gemini
Graham Harley (1942-2010) as Edwin Jarvis
Ken Kramer as Kang the Conqueror
Ray Landry as Raymond Sikorsky
Caroly Larson as the computer
Julie Lemieux (1962) as Gemini
Stavroula Logothettis as the Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff
Hamish McEwan as Wonder Man/Simon Williams
Gerry Mendicino (1950) as Taurus
Martin Roach (1962) as Falcon/Sam Wilson
Susan Roman (1957) as Moonstone
Tate Roswell as Andrew Wilson
Allan Royal (1944) as Grim Reaper
Ron Rubin (1959) as the Vision
Elizabeth Shepard (1936) as Agatha Harkness
Philip Shepard as Baron Helmut Zemo
John Stocker (1947) as Ultron
Raoul Max Trujillo (1955) as Namor the Sub-Mariner
Rod Wilson as Ant-Man
Lenore Zann (1959) as Tigra/Greer Grant Nelson

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