Cartoon Resource entry #208 - ALF: The Animated Series (1987)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 26, 1987-Aug 25, 1990 on NBC
RERUNS: 1990-1993 on The Family Channel (Now Freeform)
DISTRIBUTED AND OWNED BY: Alien Productions and Lorimar-Telepictures

ALF: The Animated Series is based on the popular NBC sitcom that aired from 1986-1990. This cartoon features ALF (now known as Gordon Shumway) living in his home-planet Melmac (where he was before he landed in the Tanner house as in on the sitcom) with the adventures of his friends and other aliens. For the show's second season, it was expanded to an hour with another series called "ALF Tales", but for the 1989-1990 season, only "ALF Tales" remained.

1st Season (1987-1988)
#01 Phantom Pilot (09.26.1987)
#02 Hair Today, Bald Tomorrow (10.03.1987)
#03 Two For The Brig (10.10.1987)
#04 Gordon Ships Out (10.24.1987)
#05 Birdman Of Melmac (10.31.1987)
#06 Pismo and The Orbit Gyro (11.07.1987)
#07 20,000 Years In Driving School (11.14.1987)
#08 Pride Of The Shumways (11.21.1987)
#09 Captain Bobaroo (12.05.1987)
#10 Neep At The Races (12.12.1987)
#11 Salad Wars (12.19.1987)
#12 Tough Shrimp Don't Dance (01.02.1988)
#13 Home Away From Home (01.16.1988)

2nd Season (1988-1989)
#14 Flodust Memories (09.10.1988)
#15 Family Feud (09.17.1988)
#16 Clams Never Sang For My Father (09.24.1988)
#17 A Mid-Goomer Night's Dream (10.01.1988)
#18 The Bone Losers (10.08.1988)
#19 Thank Gordon For Little Girls (10.15.1988)
#20 Hooray For Hollywood (10.29.1988)
#21 The Spy From East Velcro (11.12.1988)
#22 He Ain't Seafood, He's My Brother (11.19.1988)
#23 Looking For Love In All The Wrong Paces (12.03.1988)
#24 The Slugs Of Wrath (12.10.1988)
#25 Housesitting or Pokipsi (12.17.1988)
#26 Skipper's Got A Brand New Badge (12.24.1988)

Len Carlson (1937-2006) as Sargent Staff and Cantfayl
Rob Cowan as Skip
Michael Fantini as Curtis Shemway (1988-1989)
Paul Fusco (1953) as Gordom Shumway "ALF"
Dan Hennessey (1941) as Sloop
Ellen-Ray Hennessy as Stella
Peggy Mahon as Flo Shumway
Tabitha St. Germain (credited as Paulina Gillis) as Augie Shumway and Rhonda
Deborah Theaker (1964) as Madame Pokipsi
Thick Wilson as Bob Shumway and Larson Petty
Noam Zylberman (1973) as Curtis Shemway (1987-1988)

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