Cartoon Resource entry #225 - Marvel Super-Heroes (1966)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 1, 1966-Dec 1, 1966 in syndication
RERUNS: 1966-1967 in syndication
EPISODES: 65 half hour episodes with three shorts a piece
ANIMATION BY: Grantway-Lawrence Animation
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Disney/ABC Television and Marvel Entertainment



Captain America Episode #01
The Origin of Captain America
Wreckers Among Us
Enter Red Skull

Captain America Episode #02
The Sentinel and the Spy
The Fantastic Origin of the Red Skull
Lest Tyranny Triumph

Captain America Episode #03
Midnight In Greymoor Castle
If This Be Treason
When You Lie Down With Dogs

Captain America Episode #04
Return of Captain America
The Search
To Live Again

Captain America Episode #05
Zemo and the Masters of Evil
Zemo Strikes
The Fury of Zemo

Captain America Episode #06
The Revenge of Captain America
The Trap is Sprung
So Dies a Villain

Captain America Episode #07
Let the Past Be Gone
The Adaptoid
The Super Adaptoid

Captain America Episode #08
Coming of the Swordsman
Vengeance Is Ours
Emissary of Destruction

Captain America Episode #09
Bitter Taste of Defeat
Sorcery Triumph
The Road Back

Captain America Episode #10
Doorway To Doom
When the Commissar Commands
Duel Or Fie

Captain America Episode #11
The Sleeper Shall Awake
Where Walks the Sleeper
The Final Sleep

Captain America Episode #12
The Girl From Cap’s Past
The Stage Is Set
30 Minutes To Live

Captain America Episode #13
The Red Skull Lives
He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube
The Red Skull Supreme


Incredible Hulk Episode #01
The Origin of the Hulk
Enter the Gorgon
To Be a Man

Incredible Hulk Episode #02
Terror of the Toadmen
Bruce Banner: Wanted For Treason
Hulk Runs Amok

Incredible Hulk Episode #03
A Titan Rides the Train
The Horde of Humanoids
On the Rampage!

Incredible Hulk Episode #04
The Power of Dr. Banner
Where Strides the Behemoth
Back From the Dead

Incredible Hulk Episode #05
Micro Monsters
The Lair of the Leader
To Live Again

Incredible Hulk Episode #06
Brawn Against Brain
Captured At Last
Enter the Chameleon

Incredible Hulk Episode #07
Within This Monster Dwells a Man
Another World, Another Foe
The Wisdom of the Watcher

Incredible Hulk Episode #08
The Space Phantom
Sting of the Wasp
Exit the Hulk

Incredible Hulk Episode #09
Hulk Vs. Metal Master
The Master Tests His Metal
Mind Over Metal

Incredible Hulk Episode #10
The Ringmaster
Captive of the Circus
The Grand Finale

Incredible Hulk Episode #11
Enter Tyrannus
Beauty and the Beast
They Dwell In the Depths

Incredible Hulk Episode #12
Terror of the T-Gun
I Against a World
Bruce Banner Is the Hulk

Incredible Hulk Episode #13
The Man Called Boomerang
Hulk Intervenes
Less Than Monster, More Than Man


Iron Man Episode #01
Double Disaster
Enter Happy Hogan
Of Ice and Men

IIron Man Episode #02
The Death of Tony Stark!
The Hands of the Mandarin
The Origin of the Mandarin

Iron Man Episode #03
Ultino Lives

Iron Man Episode #04
The Mandarin’s Revenge!
The Mandarin’s Death Ray
No One Escapes the Mandarin

Iron Man Episode #05
Crimson Dynamo!
The Crimson Dynamo Strikes

Iron Man Episode #06
Enter Hawkeye
So Spins the Web
Triple Jeopardy

Iron Man Episode #07
If I Die, Let Is Be With Honor
Fight On, For a World Is Watching
What Price Victory?

Iron Man Episode #08
The Moleman Strikes
The Dragon of the Flames
Decision Under the Earth

Iron Man Episode #09
The Other Iron Man!
Death Duel
Info the Jaws of the Death

Iron Man Episode #10
The Cliffs of Doom!
The False Captain America
The Unmasking

Iron Man Episode #11
My Life For Yours
The Black Knight’s Gambit
The Menace of the Monster

Iron Man Episode #12
The Dream Master
If a Man Be Mad
Duel Is Space

Iron Man Episode #13
Beauty and the Armor
Peril In Space
As a City Watches


Thor Episode #01
Trapped By Loki
The Vengeance of Loki
The Defeat of Loki

Thor Episode #02
Chained Evil
Sandu, Master of the Supernatural
Enchanted Hammer

Thor Episode #03
Enchantress and Executioner
Giants Walk the Earth
Battle of the Gods

Thor Episode #04
At the Mercy of Loki
Trial of the Gods
Return To Earth

Thor Episode #05
The Absorbing Man
In My Hands, This Hammer
Vengeance of the Thunder God

Thor Episode #06
To Kill a Thunder God
The Day of the Destroyer
Terror of the Tomb

Thor Episode #07
The Grey Gargoyle
The Wrath of Odin
Triumph In Stone

Thor Episode #08
The Mysterious Mister Hyde
Revenge of Mr. Hyde
Thor’s Showdown With Mr. Hyde

Thor Episode #09
Every Hand Against Him
The Power of the Thunder God
The Power of Odin

Thor Episode #10
The Tomorrow Man
Return of Zarrko
Slave of Tomorrow Man

Thor Episode #11
Enter Hercules
When Meet Immortals
Whom the Gods Would Destroy

Thor Episode #12
The Power of Pluto
The Verdict of Zeus
Thunder In the Netherworld

Thor Episode #13
Molto, the Lava Man
Invasion of the Lava Man
Living Rock


Sub-Mariner Episode #01
Peril of the Surface World
So Spreads the Net
The Unveiling

Sub-Mariner Episode #02
The Start of the Quest!
Escape of Nowhere
A Prince There Was

Sub-Mariner Episode #03
Not All My Power Can Save Me!
When Fails the Quest
The End of the Quest

Sub-Mariner Episode #04
Atlantis Under Attack
The Sands of Terror
The Iron Idol of Infamy

Sub-Mariner Episode #05
The Thing From Space
No Escape For Namor
A Prince Dies Fighting

Sub-Mariner Episode #06
To Conquer a Crown
A Prince No More
He Who Wears the Crown

Sub-Mariner Episode #07
To Walk Amongst Men!
When Rises the Behemoth
To the Death

Sub-Mariner Episode #08
The World Within!
Atlantis Is Doomed
Quest For X-Atom

Sub-Mariner Episode #09
Beware the Siren Song
Spell of Lorelei
Return of the Mud Beast

Sub-Mariner Episode #10
Ship of Doom
Fall of Atlantis
Forces of Vengeance

Sub-Mariner Episode #11
The Planet of Doom
To Test a Prince
To Save a Planet

Sub-Mariner Episode #12 (X-Men Guest-Star)
Dr. Doom’s Day
The Doomed Allegiance
Tug of Death

Sub-Mariner Episode #13
Let the Stranger Die…!
To Destroy a Tyrant
Save a City


Carl Banas (1929) as James ‘Bucky’ Barnes
Sandy Becker (1922-1996) as Captain America/Steve Rogers
Bernard Cowan (1922-1990) as Narrator, Odin, Mandarin, Melter, Captain Torak, Morgan, Ringmaster, Sando, Colonel Von Kraz
Len Carlson (1937-2006) as Quicksilver, Loki, Mad Thinker, Black Knight, President
Vern Champan (1923-2008) as Super-Adaptoid
Peg Dixon (1923-2015) as Betty Ross, Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts, Lady Dorma, Jane Foster, Enchantress, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Wasp, Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter, Lorelei, Celia Rawlings, Countess de la Spirosa, Hippolyta
Gillie Fenwick (1916-2006) as Baron Heinrich Zemo, Radioactive Man, Leader, Batroc the Leaper, Space Phantom, Dr. Cedric Rawlings, Heimdall, Mister Hyde, Sandu, Count Nefaria, Premiere Pouldu
Max Ferguson (1924-2013) as Hulk
Tom Harvey (1924-2014) as Giant-Man, Iceman, Chameleon, Super-Skrull
Paul Kligman (1923-1985) as General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, Red Skull, Warlord Krang, Mole Man, Metal Master, Power Man, Senator Harrington Byrd
Ed McNamara (1921-1986) as Swordsman, Titanium Man, Boomerang, Mad Thinker
Vic Perrin (1916-1989) as Cyclops
Henry Ramer (-2009) as Crimson Dynamo/Anton Vanko, Borok, Major Uberhart, Dr. Doom, Wolfgang, Vashti
Paul Soles (1930) as Bruce Banner, Attuma, Happy Hogan, Hawkeye, Rick Jones
John Vernon (1932-2005) as Iron Man/Tony Stark, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Major Glenn Talbot, Major Corey
Chris Wiggins (1930-2017) as Thor/Dr. Donald Blake, Hawkeye, Kraven, Grey Gargoyle, Byrrah, Balder the Brave, Jack Frost, Molto, Professor X, Count Nefaria

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