Cartoon Resource entry #234 - Help!...It's the Hair Bear Bunch! (1971)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sept 11, 1971-Sept 2, 1972, Sept 9, 1973-Aug 31, 1974 on CBS
RERUNS: 1974-1979 in syndication (under title "The Yo-Yo Bears"), 1996-1997, 1998-2000 on Cartoon Network, May 2, 2000-2008 on Boomerang
ANIMATION: Hanna-Barbera
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Turner Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television

#7101 Keep Your Keeper (09.11.1971)
#7102 Rare Bear Bungle (09.18.1971)
#7103 Raffle Ruckus (09.25.1971)
#7104 Bridal Boo Boo (10.02.1971)
#7105 No Space Like Home (10.09.1971)
#7106 Love Bug Bungle (10.16.1971)
#7107 I’ll Zoo You Later (10.23.1971)
#7108 Ark Lark (10.30.1971)
#7109 Gobs of Gabaloons (11.06.1971)
#7110 Panda Pandamonium (11.13.1971)
#7111 Closed Circuit TV (11.20.1971)
#7112 The Bear Who Came To Dinner (11.27.1971)
#7113 Unbearably Peevly (12.04.1971)
#7114 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (12.11.1971)
#7115 The Diet Caper (12.18.1971)
#7116 Kling Klong Versus the Masked Marvel (01.08.1972)

Jeannine Brown as Gloria the Gorilla
Daws Butler (1916-1988) as Bananas the Gorilla, Bumbo the Elephant, Furface the Lion (select episodes), Hair Bear
William Callaway as Hippy the Hippo, Hoppy the Kangaroo, Melvyn the Monkey, Square Bear
Don Messick (1926-1997) as Hercules the Hippo
Joe E. Ross (1914-1982) as Lionel J. Botch
Hal Smith (1916-1994) as Rare Bear
John Stephenson (1923-2015) as Einstein the Owl, Slicks the Fox (select episodes), Zed the Zebra, Zookeeper Eustace P. Peevly and Zoo Superintendent
Janet Waldo (1920-2016) as Pipsqueak the Mouse (select episodes)
Lennie Weinrib (1935-2006) as Arnie the Gorilla
Paul Winchell (1922-2005) as Babi Bear, Furface the Lion (select episodes), Gabby the Parrot, Pipsqueak the Mouse (select episodes), Slicks the Fox (select episodes), Tiptoes the Ostrich

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