Cartoon Resource entry #245 - Dinky Dog (1978)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 9, 1978-Sep 5, 1981 on CBS
ANIMATED BY: Hanna-Barbera Pty. Ltd. (Hanna-Barbera Australia)
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Warner Bros. Television and Endemol Australia


Dinky Dog was originally an 11-minute segment on the All-New Popeye Hour.  The series was later spun out into its own 30-minute series.  Sandy and Monica, who live with their Uncle Dudley, adopt a sweet puppy named Dinky.  Dinky grows into an enormous size and causes all kinds of trouble.


Dinky Dog: The Complete Series (10.14.2011 by VEI)


#01 To Boo Or Not To Boo / Dinky, Ahoy
#02 Dinky At the Circus / Dinky's Nose For News
#03 Camp Kookiehaha / Foggy Doggy
#04 Dinky the Movie Star / Attic Antics
#05 Heap Cheap Motel / Bark in the Park
#06 Flabby Arms Farm / The Bow-Wow Blues Band
#07 Easel Does It / Dinky at the Bat
#08 Phi Beta Dink / Abominable Dinky
#09 Dinky and the Caveman / Rinky Dinky
#10 Bad Luck Bow-Wow / A Hair of the Dog
#11 Sir Dinky Dog / First Prize Pooch
#12 Department Store Dinky / A Hop and a Dink
#13 Castaway Canine / Gondola, But Not Forgotten
#14 Like It Or Lamp It / Lochness Mess
#15 There's No Place Like Home / Buckingham Bow Wow
#16 Rockhead Hound / Tree's a Crowd


Jackie Joseph (1933) as Sandy
Julie Bennett (1933) as Monica
Frank Nelson (1911-1986) as Uncle Dudley
Frank Welker (1946) as Dinky Dog

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