Cartoon Resource entry #031 - Fantastic Four (1967)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 9, 1967-Mar 15, 1970 on ABC
RERUNS: Oct 1992-1999 and June 9, 2002-2003 on Cartoon Network,
Apr 2, 2000-Apr 29, 2001, Sept 3, 2001-2003 on Boomerang
ANIMATION BY: Hanna-Barbera
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Warner Bros. Television and Marvel Enterprises


Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm were exposed to cosmic rays on a space flight and given fantastic powers.  Reed could stretch his body like a rubber band and became Mr. Fantastic.  Sue could turn invisible and create force fields and became the Invisible Woman.  Johnny could ignite his body into fire without pain and became the Human Torch.  Ben Grimm mutated into a rock-skinned creature called the Thing.  Together they protect mankind as the Fantastic Four.


#6701 Menace of the Mole Men (09.09.1967)
#6702 Diablo (09.16.1967)
#6703 The Way It All Began (09.23.1967)
#6704 Invasion of the Super-Skrull (09.30.1967)
#6705 Klaws / The Red Ghost (10.07.1967)
#6706 Prisoners of Planet X (10.14.1967)
#6707 It Started On Yancy Street (10.21.1967)
#6708 Three Predictions of Dr. Doom (10.28.1967)
#6709 Behold a Distant Star (11.04.1967)
#6710 Demon In the Deep (11.11.1967)
#6711 Danger In the Depths (11.18.1967)
#6712 Return of the Moleman (11.25.1967)
#6713 Rama-Tut (12.09.1967)
#6714 Galactus (12.16.1967)
#6715 The Micro World of Dr. Doom (12.30.1967)
#6716 Blastarr, the Living Bomb-Burst (01.06.1968)
#6717 The Mysterious Molecule Man (01.13.1968)
#6718 The Terrible Tribunal (09.14.1968)
#6719 The Deadly Director (09.21.1968)


Tol Avery (1915-1973) as Warlord Morrat
Ted Cassidy (1932-1979) as Galactus
Henry Corden (1920-2005) as Attuma, Molecule Man
Regis Cordic (1926-1999) as Diablo
Jack DeLeon (1924-2006) as the Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Mole Man
Paul Frees (1920-1986) as the Thing/Ben Grimm, Uatu the Watcher
Frank Gerstle (1915-1970) as Blastaar
Don Messick (1926-1997) as Kurrgo, Skrull Emperor
Marvin Miller (1913-1985) as Super-Skrull, King Toth
Gerald Mohr (1914-1968) as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
Vic Perrin (1916-1989) as the Red Ghost, Silver Surfer, Professor Gamma/the Demon
Jo Ann Pflug (1940) as the Invisible Girl/Sue Richards
Mike Road (1918-2013) as Prince Triton, Rama-Tut
Joseph Sirola (1929) as Dr. Doom
Hal Smith (1916-1994) as Judge, Klaw, Otto Von Lenz
Ginny Tyler (1925-2012) as Anelle
Janet Waldo (1920-2016) as Lady Dorma, Princess Perla

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