Cartoon Resource entry #031B - Fantastic Four (1994)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sep 24, 1994-Sep 1996 in syndication (as part of the Marvel Action Hour with Iron Man)
RERUNS: Sep 1997-Sep 1998 in syndication (as part of the 30 minute Marvel Super-Heroes rotating with episodes of Iron Man),
Sep 1998-Sep 1999 on UPN (as part of the hour long The Incredible Hulk and Friends, where the Fantastic Four rotated with Iron Man in the second part of the show),
Jun 18, 2005-2006 on ABC Family and Toon Disney
ANIMATION BY: Wang Film Productions (1st Season) and Philippine Animation Studios (2nd Season)
PRODUCED BY: Marvel Films/New World Entertainment
DISTRIBUTED and OWNED BY: Walt Disney Television

1st Season (1994-1995)

#01 The Origin of the Fantastic Four Part 1 (09.24.1994)
#02 The Origin of the Fantastic Four Part 2 (10.01.1994)
#03 Now Comes the Sub-Mariner (10.08.1994)
#04 Incursion of the Skrulls (10.15.1994)
#05 The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus Part 1 (10.22.1994)
#06 The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus Part 2 (10.29.1994)
#07 Superskrull (11.05.1994)
#08 The Mask of Doom Part 1 (11.12.1994)
#09 The Mask of Doom Part 2 (11.19.1994)
#10 The Mask of Doom Part 3 (11.26.1994)
#11 Mole Man (12.03.1994)
#12 Behold the Negative Zone (12.10.1994)
#13 The Silver Surfer & the Return of Galactus (12.17.1994)

2nd Season (1995-1996)

#14 And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them (09.23.1995)
#15 Inhumans Saga Part 1: And the Wind Cries Medusa (09.30.1995)
#16 Inhumans Saga Part 2: The Inhumans Among Us (10.07.1995)
#17 Inhumans Saga Part 3: Beware the Hidden Land (10.14.1995)
#18 Worlds Within Worlds (10.21.1995)
#19 To Battle the Living Planet (11.04.1995)
#20 Prey of the Black Panther (11.11.1995)
#21 When Calls Galactus (11.18.1995)
#22 Nightmare In Green (11.25.1995)
#23 Behold, a Distant Star (02.03.1996)
#24 Hopelessly Impossible (02.10.1996)
#25 The Sentry Sinister (02.17.1996)
#26 Doomsday (02.24.1996)


Edward Albert (1951-2006) as Silver Surfer (2nd season)
Lori Alan (1966) as the Invisible Woman/Sue Richards and Malice
Gregg Berger (1950) as Mole Man
Rocky Carroll (1963) as Triton
Dick Clark (1929-2012) as himself
Jim Cummings (1952) as President Bill Clinton, Slash Curtis, Votan
Keith David (1956) as the Black Panther/T'Challa
Michael Dorn (1952) as Gorgon
Ron Feinberg (1932-2005) as Terrax (2nd season)
Quinton Flynn (1964) as the Human Torch/Johnny Storm (2nd season)
Ron Friedman (1932) as Blastaar
Dan Gilvezan (1950) as Warlord Morrat
Brad Garrett (1960) as Hydro-Man
Benny Grant as Rick Jones
Richard Grieco (1965) as Ghost Rider
Brian Austin Green (1973) as the Human Torch/Johnny Storm (1st season)
Mark Hamill (1951) as Maximus the Mad and Sentry
Jess Harnell (1963) as the Impossible Man
Jamie Horton as Psycho Man
Charles Howerton (1938) as Klaw
Kathy Ireland (1963) as Crystal
Tony Jay (1933-2006) as Galactus and Terrax
Clyde Kusatsu (1948) as Annihilus and Karnak
Kay E. Kuter (1925-2003) as Ego the Living Planet
Joan Lee (1922-2017) as Miss Forbes
Stan Lee (1922) as Himself and narrator
Pauline Arthur Lomas as Alicia Masters
Kerrigan Mahan (1955) as Seeker
Chuck McCann (1934) as Ben Grimm/The Thing
Richard McGonagle (1946) as Dr. Franklin Storm
Leeza Miller McGee as Nova/Frankie Ray
Katherine Moffatt (1958) as Commander Lyja
Iona Morris (1957) as Medusa
Alan Oppheheimer (1930) as Firelord and Uatu the Watcher
Gary Owens (1934-2015) as himself
Ron Perlman (1950) as the Hulk/Bruce Banner and the Wizard
John Rhyes-Davies (1944) as Thor
Robert Ridgley (1931-1997) as Skrull Emperor
Neil Ross (1944) as Dr. Doom (1st season 2nd voice), the Pupper Master and Super Skrull
Robin Sachs (1951-2013) as Silver Surfer (1st season)
Bill Smitrovich (1947) as Daredevil/Matt Murdock
Simon Templeman as Dr. Doom (2nd season)
James Warwick (1947) as Namor the Sub-Mariner
Beau Weaver (1952) as Foo-Foo, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards and the Trapster
John Vernon (1932-2005) as Dr. Doom (1st season 1st voice)

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