Cartoon Resource entry #048A - Heathcliff and Marmaduke (1981)


ORIGINAL AIRDATES: Sept 12, 1981-Sept 18, 1982 on ABC
RERUNS: 1994 on The Family Channel and 1995 on Cartoon Network,
Jan 17, 2005-2006 on Boomerang
ANIMATION: Ruby-Spears Enterprises
DISTRIBUTED AND OWNED BY: Warner Bros. Television and McNaught
Syndicate (1973-1988) and Creators Syndicate (1988-present)


#8101  (09.12.1981)
Marmaduke: Home Run Rover
Heathcliff: Gator Go Round
Marmaduke: Play Grounded

#8102 (09.19.1981)
Marmaduke: Missy Miseque
Heathcliff: Crazy Daze
Marmaduke: Shuttle Off to Buffalo

#8103 (09.26.1981)
Marmaduke: Wish Bones
Heathcliff: Caught Cat Napping
Marmaduke: Wondermutt

#8104 (10.03.1981)
Marmaduke: Gone With the Whim
Heathcliff: Dud Boat
Marmaduke: Seagoing Watchdog

#8105 (10.10.1981)
Marmaduke: Beach Brawl
Heathcliff: Of Mice and Menace
Marmaduke: Tricky Treat

#8106 (10.17.1981)
Marmaduke: Ghostly Goof Up
Heathcliff: A Briefcase of Cloak and Dagger
Marmaduke: Fret Vet

#8107 (10.24.1981)
Marmaduke: Bearly Camping
Heathcliff: Tabby and the Pirate
Marmaduke: Gold Fever Fracas

#8108 (10.31.1981)
Marmaduke: Police Pooch
Heathcliff: Mush, Heathcliff, Mush!
Marmaduke: Bone To Pick with Marmaduke

#8109 (11.07.1981)
Marmaduke: Surburden Cowboy
Heathcliff: A Close Encounter
Marmaduke: Marmaduke of the Movies

#8110 (11.14.1981)
Marmaduke: Baby Sitting Shenanigans
Heathcliff: A New Kit On the Block
Marmaduke: Kitty Sitter

#8111 (11.21.1981)
Marmaduke: Leapin' Leprechaun
Heathcliff: Clonin' Around
Marmaduke: School Daze

#8112 (11.28.1981)
Marmaduke: Caper Cracker
Heathcliff: Cat Kit
Marmaduke: Barking For Dollars

#8113 (12.05.1981)
Marmaduke: The Lemonade Kid
Heathcliff: The Great Milk Factory Fracas
Marmaduke: Double Trouble Maker


Mel Blanc (1908-1989) as Heathcliff, Milkman and Spike
Henry Corden (1920-2005) as Clem, Digby and Dogcatcher
June Foray (1917)as Grandma, Iggy, Marcy, Muggsy and Sonja
Don Messick (1926-1997) as Mr. Post, Mr. Snyder
Russi Taylor (1944) as Barbie Winslow
Paul Winchell (1922-2005) as Marmaduke and Phil Winslow

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