Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10.18.2016 - Voltron Legendary Season 2 Coming to NETFLIX January 20, 2017

In case you missed New York Comic Con, Voltron took the Javitz Center by storm! There was a jam-packed panel that not only premiered a new episode, but also revealed new VLD toy line from Playmates.  On display were many new and exciting productis including a new Voltron hat line from New Era, new jewelry from Han Cholo, new prints from ACME and new comics from Lion Forge.  In addition, Dreamworks hosted a "Voltron Collective" party that brought together the fleet of artists, brands and visual storytellers to celebrate the quintessence of Voltron-- the biggest, boldest robot in animation history.  Thanks to all of the fans that came out to celebrate our favorite robot, it was an awesome weekend of fandom!

Toynami STEALTH Voltron EX available for a limited time at store.voltron.com
This special edition Voltron was offered for sale via pre order only at Comic-Con International: San Diego and the New York Comic-Con. This exclusive is limited in production to only 500 units.  We will carry these until 10/31, full payment is required as each toy is made to order.
Based on the upcoming Ultimate Voltron EX, the Stealth Voltron EX is fully transformable and stands 16" tall in robot form.  The Stealth Voltron EX features an exclusive new color scheme.  Ships MID December.

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