Wednesday, April 19, 2017

04.19.2017 - Warner Archive releases Monchhichis: The Complete Series on DVD


High above the clouds in the branches of the highest trees, the adorable monkey-like Monchhichis make their home. These peace-loving hirsute urchins would like nothing more than to swing their days away in their treetop utopia, but menace lurks nearby. Further down the trunk lies the wicked, goblin-like Grumplins, whose evil ruler Horgg (voice of Sidney Miller) aches to enslave the clever Monchhichis for fun and profit. Luckily the Monchhichis ARE clever and, with the aid of their wise wizard Wizzar (voice of Frank Nelson), they manage to hold back the menacing Grumplins and swing away, to chatter and frolic another day. So climb on up the tree to their community of Monchia where you will meet Moncho (voice of Robert Morse), Patchit (voice of Frank Welker), Tootoo (voice of Ellen Gerstell), Kyla (Laurel Page) and discover why Monchhichis means happiness! 2-Disc, 13 Episodes.

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