Monday, October 23, 2017

10.23.2017 - SUPER 7 MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Wave 1 of Club Grayskull and Collector's Choice Update

From Brian Flynn of Super 7:

Masters of the Universe Classics
Wave 1 Pre-Order Update

Hello Everyone!
This is Brian Flynn, the owner of Super7, and I wanted to give you an update on your pre-orders for the Masters of the Universe Collector's Choice and Club Grayskull - Wave 1 figures.
First off, we have been working on a ton of tooling revisions since our last update and are down to just two revisions left to be made (Lodar’s missing arm band and Tri-Klops head is still too high). All figures have revised and corrected hips (especially Teela and Hawke) as well as a multitude of small changes from foot holes, joint tightness, plastic durometer and much more.
The goal is to make the figures as perfect as possible, and I think we are almost there! These changes are well underway, and they should be back to us in a week or so. We have also done a lot of paint updates (Teela’s face was a common question), and have updated everything, and have it ready to go.

We've posted images of all the Wave 1 figures to show you the tooling and paint updates. 

Masters of the Universe Classics Assortment

See More Tooling and Paint Update Images

Club Grayskull Assortment

See More Tooling and Paint Update Images
Long story short, we expect to be heading into production by the end of the month, and have figures shipping out to us before the end of November. I know this is a bit later than everyone had hoped, but we want to make sure these figures are perfect rather than rush them to you earlier.
Thank you for your support of Super7 and Master of the Universe!

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