Wednesday, September 18, 2019

09.18.2019 - New to Blu-Ray! Popeye Volume 3 and the Jetsons

POPEYE THE SAILOR THE 1940s VOLUME THREE (1948-49) New 2019 1080p HD Masters From 4K Scans of the Original Negatives


This set finishes out Popeye's second decade of screen stardom with cartoons originally released to movie theaters in 1948 and 1949. In these cartoons, Popeye and Olive travel back to prehistoric times, ancient Greece and the Sherwood Forest. They visit Plymouth Rock and the Old West, then battle assorted baddies in the Egyptian desert, the freezing Arctic and the Ozarks. Of course, Bluto is back as Popeye's number-one nemesis, tackling the sailor man as a rival lumberjack, a fanatic flying ace and a lecherous vaudeville hypnotist. But that's not all! Popeye also has his fists full with a pair of pet dogs, irritating houseflies and a quartet of spinach-hating, sound-alike nephews. He ultimately meets his match when Olive decides to throw her hat in the ring and makes a run for U.S. president! Collection includes Olive Oyl for President; Wigwam Whoopee; Pre-Hysterical Man; Popeye Meets Hercules; A Wolf in Sheik's Clothing; Spinach vs Hamburgers; Snow Place Like Home; Robin Hood-Winked; Symphony in Spinach; Popeye's Premiere; Lumberjack and Jill; Hot Air Aces; A Balmy Swami; Tar with a Star; Silly Hillbilly; Barking Dogs Don't Fite; The Fly's Last Flight. Also available on DVD!

THE JETSONS: THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL SERIES (1962-63) New 2019 1080p HD Masters From the Original Network Elements


The Jetsons is a futuristic counterpoint to The Flintstones that reflects the space-age optimism of the 60s projected 100 years into the future. Almost 60 years later, we still don't have flying cars, floating cities or androids, but we do have this new High Definition, meticulously remastered Blu-ray! This 3-disc set contains all 24 hilarious original episodes as first broadcast in prime-time on the ABC television network during the 1962-63 season. Painstakingly cleaned and restored, thanks to the finest 21st Century technology available, The Jetsons is simply stunning (and hilarious), showing off hues and brushwork never before seen. As a special treat Opening and Closing titles are as broadcast, along with commercial sponsor bumpers unseen in over 55 years! Special Features: Audio Commentary by Janet Waldo on Rosie the Robot and A Date with Jet Screamer; Nuclear Family Album: Character Bios; Rosie the Robotic Maid: A Tribute; Featurettes: "The Jetsons: The Family of the Future" & "Space Age Gadgets".

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