Friday, February 23, 2018

02.23.2018 - Archie’s SuperTeens Return in a Super Fun New Crossover Event!


The superpowered team-up 50 years in the making is finally here! If you've been wondering whatever happened to Pureheart, Super Teen, and the rest of Riverdale's superheroes, wonder no more. CBR has the breaking news: the SuperTeens are flying back to comic shops this summer in a wild two-issue crossover event with Archie Comics’ flagship hero team, The Mighty Crusaders!

Created by a super-team of Archie Comics veterans — writers Ian Flynn, David Williams, and Gary Martin, and artists Kelsey Shannon, Williams, Martin, and Jack Morelli — the madcap action launches with ARCHIE SUPERTEENS VS. CRUSADERS #1 on June 20. What will happen when these universes collide? Anything's possible, but we know this caper will be packed with more hamburgers than any other superhero comic on the stands! 

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